O’s Revival Feels Like An Old Boyfriend

June 28, 2012 | Melissa Rubin

Well hello O’s. It is hard to believe that it is June 28 and you STILL matter. Per usual, I just hoped for a season that was better than last year and so far you’re making it happen. Right now you’re in 2nd place in the AL East, 5 games behind the Yankees.

Don’t get me wrong, I still tread lightly and tiptoe around the fact that you could tank at any time. Like last night, I watched you play the Angels and I wanted to scream! You stunk, what the hell happened to you?

Despite the rough patches, I enjoy hearing the buzz about you this season. It is fun  seeing your fans wear t-shirts and baseball caps with your name or the old school bird on them. I haven’t seen that much orange and black in forever.

I love your competitive spirit and your ability to stay in the game (pun intended). You’ve had slumps (and seem to going through another one this week), but you’ve managed to get out of them. Every time I question your ability to stay in the hunt, you prove me wrong.

Your revival this season feels like I’m back with an old boyfriend, figuratively speaking of course. There is something familiar and comfortable about watching you this season. It reminds me of a happy time, a time long ago when we hung out and had fun, before things unraveled and our relationship spiraled out of control and we stopped seeing each other.

I missed you. Sure I have my boys in purple, but our relationship goes way back, we started long before the purple boys came into my life. I like hanging out with you again, it is fun and exciting and I’m not ready to let go just yet. Remember what it was like to matter and how it felt to chase something instead of fighting your way out of the toilet.

I know you have the drive and determination to do this, well at least most of the time, I had doubts watching you last night!

This time I want our relationship to last, I don’t want a summer fling and while I may be chasing a pie in the sky dream, that’s exactly it, a dream, something I won’t give up on. I saw it once in my lifetime and I won’t let the dream die.

There will be bumps in the road, but you are strong and resilient and I have faith that you can keep going for a while longer. It would be awesome if you gave me something you haven’t given me in a long time…a post season! (a girl can dream…)

ORIOLES MAGIC, continue to make it happen. I’m hungry for it and I know you are too.