The Promise of Brad Bergesen

April 22, 2009 |

  5 1/3 IP   4 K’s   1ER

That is the line of Brad Bergesen last night. Pretty good, but nothing we haven’t seen before by guys in their first start. Chris Waters last year, John Parrish awhile ago had wonderful debuts. What Bergesen represents is what the Baltimore fan is excited about. He represents not conceding seasons to Boston and New York. He represents slightly chilly September nights when the Oriole game is the place to be. Of course he doesn’t represent this alone. Jake Arrieta, Chris Tillman, Brian Matusz and a few others fit the bill, but Bergesen got to be the first.

      For a long time us Oriole fans have been adrift without much hope and without much to cheer for. We signed some big free agents and mostly middlin’ free agents over the last decade and without developing our own talent it has gotten us nowhere. Most of us already like our lineup. It has hit not just this year, when we are 5th in the AL in batting average and 4th in runs, but fairly consistently for a couple of years. Roberts, Markakis and Jones are tearing up the big leagues right now and Matt Wieters is just around the corner. The 800 lb gorilla in the room though for a long time has been that we have no pitching. Our number 1 would be a three anywhere else, our 2 a 5, and the rest probably wouldn’t make a roster. That knowledge has always overshadowed whatever hope the improved hitting would allow. But now things are different we are told. Just over the horizon is a crew of arms that will make us champions again. We’ve heard it before and it has fizzled out. Somehow this time seems different though, the atmosphere is different, the belief is stronger. With a current team ERA of 6.27  the help can’t come soon enough, but we will wait. This opportunity is too important to squander. It’s fun to talk about Oriole baseball with a purpose again.


  Its amazing what   5 1/3 IP   4 K’s and  1 ER  can do.