Two simple things to create Orioles Magic

April 19, 2009 |

All the great health books and exercise crap, Bender Balls, Solo Flexes, and Step Master’s, all give the same prolific advise; Eat right and exercise and you’ll get in shape. WOW! THANKS !  “Eat right and exercise” INCREDIBLE!  GREAT!  Well, I got two words to bring back Orioles Magic just as stupid as those. The reality is it’s the basics we forget about. So some entrepreneur repackages a “pet rock”, calls it the “rock hard” throws in pamphlet how to use the “rock hard” and ends the pamphlet with Eat Right and Exercise then sells it for 3 easy payments of $99.  Well, my two words are free and just as true. “Hustle and Defense.” If any Oriole is out there listening, get back to the basics. In baseball those are the only variables that you have complete control of as a player, Hustle and Defense. As you start to achieve those two simple goals, hitting and winning starts falling into place.  Hustle and Defense becomes infectious through out the team, every player and coach starts moving a little faster and thinking a little quicker and that snowballs into something special. Players in the field will start knowing who is up next at the plate and anticipating where he’s supposed to be on the field for the next at bat. Whether the player is correct or the coach moves him over a bit doesn’t matter, the point is the player is engaging and focused with playing great defense. As far as the pitchers go, they do the complete opposite, don’t think or anticipate at all. Pitchers should visualize their in the computer game MLB 2009, and the catcher has the controller. When the catcher presses the buttons you react with the pitch he calls, nothing more. A zen like quality will surround you by following this advice, no worrying, no assuming, no thinking, just keeping it simple. The catcher gives you a signal and you give the catcher the pitch. C’mon O’s get that magic back! Keep it simple, Hustle and Defense.