Congratulations to the Yates High School Basketball team!

January 06, 2010 |

That is all we should be saying to the coach and the team, congratulations. All 15 team members got to play and the Yates starters played less than a half the game. Unfortunately, in our sissified liberal America in which we live in, The Yates team is being deemed a poor sport. Just like the woman’s high school basketball coach that got fired for coaching a perfect game 100-0. That’s like getting mad at the 72 Dolphins for not letting at least one team to win, or Randy Johnson embarrassing the Atlanta Braves by pitching a perfect game. STOP! If your thinking there’s a difference because they’re high school kids, there’s not. What if Michael Jordan’s dad went to the school and made the coach keep Michael on the team after the coach cut him his freshman year? All of these traumatic things that happen in life build character. When one of these kids, on the losing end of these games, goes through much more important adversity in their lives, they’ll be better equipped to handle it, than the kid who wins all the time. If the team your on stinks, or the coach is bad here’s a couple of choices: quit the team, or play hard and have a sense of humor. If your a coach and your getting beat by 80+ points, here’s a couple for you: forfeit and go home, put a better team on the court, or learn to be a better coach. Neither of those winning coaches were unsportsmanlike, quite the contrary, the coaches who put the losing teams on the floor were unsportsmanlike for allowing their unprepared team to play. As a coach, you’re supposed to know how good/bad the opponent is, the losing coach is to blame not the winner.