My absolutely perfect 2010 NBA predictions.

October 28, 2009 |


    Here we are, a couple of days into the 2010 NBA season. It must be time for me to gaze into my crystal ball and forecast exactly how the season will turn out. Of course I don’t believe that my picks will be perfect. Just marginally correct would be okay. I didn’t finish strong last season, when I picked the Magic in 7. This year we will turn over a new leaf and be better; but it sure won’t be easy. Orlando, Boston and Cleveland are all legit contenders to win the East. To top it off, they all made significant additions to already good teams. Vince Carter (Orlando), Rasheed Wallace (Celtics), and Shaquille O’Neal (Cavs). In the West, a healthy Spurs team with the addition of Richard Jefferson should at least make the Lakers sweat. And lets not completely dismiss the Nuggets. So, with that in mind here are my picks.



                    PROJECTED  2010  NBA  FINAL STANDINGS

                    (teams in bold are expected to make the playoffs)


         ATLANTIC                                                                SOUTHWEST

1.         Boston                                                                       San Antonio

2.        Philadelphia                                                          New Orleans

3.         Toronto                                                                        Dallas

4.       New Jersey                                                                    Memphis

5.      New York                                                                        Houston


          Central                                                                     Northwest

1.    Cleveland                                                                 Denver

2.     Detroit                                                                     Portland

3.    Chicago                                                                        Utah

4.    Indiana                                                                         Oklahoma City

5.   Milwaukee                                                                   Minnesota


         Southeast                                                                Pacific

1.    Orlando                                                                   LA Lakers

2.    Atlanta                                                                    Phoenix

3.   Miami                                                                        LA Clippers

4.   Washington                                                              Golden State

5.  Charlotte                                                                      Sacramento



                                     2009-2010  NBA  Awards

                                     MVP                                                 Rookie

1.   Dwight Howard,  Orlando                      Tyreke Evans, Sacramento

2.  LeBron James,  Cleveland                                Blake Griffin,  LA Clippers

3.  Kobe Bryant,  LA Lakers                                  Terrence Williams,  New Jersey



1.   Eddie Jordan,   Philadelphia

2.   Gregg Popovich, San Antonio

3.    Nate McMillan,  Portland


           I think that Dwight Howard will make another step forward in his game this season. You could give the award to LeBron almost every year from now on; but I think the voters will reward someone else if he just has a “normal” LeBron season. Evans will get plenty of court time to make an impression in Sacramento. He is helped by Griffin being out for the first two months. The Louisville alum in me really wants to pick Terrance Williams, but I have to at least pretend to be objective. I take 76ers coach Jordan for coach, because if Brand stays healthy I expect a big year in Philadelphia



        Eastern Conf.                                                      Western Conf.

                                                    FIRST ROUND

  Boston  over  Miami                                          LA Lakers  over  Phoenix

  Cleveland  over  Chicago                                 San Antonio  over  Utah

  Orlando  over   Atlanta                                     Denver  over  Dallas

  Detroit   over  Philadelphia                             New Orleans  over  Portland


                                                   Second Round

  Boston  over   Detroit                                          LA Lakers  over  New Orleans

 Cleveland  over Orlando                                      San Antonio over  Denver


                                             Conference Finals

       Boston  over   Cleveland                         San Antonio  over  LA Lakers


                                     NBA FINALS

Boston Celtics in 6 games over the San Antonio Spurs.

     Now you have my thoughts on the season. Have fun until June and we’ll see how I did.