NBA Eastern Conference Second Round Preview

May 04, 2009 |

   With the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs beginning today, I will give my take on their outcome. First, as always, I will lay bare my first round predictions for praise or ridicule. I feel I did better with these than my Western conference predictions.

                                               RESULT                                         MY PICK

CLE/DET                        Cavs in 4                                       Cavs in 6

I gave Detroit too much respect, as they are my favorite team. I should have known they’d get swept.


BOS/CHI                           Celtics in 7                                      Celtics in 5

  The loss of Garnett effected them more in this series than I thought, and lets all just be thankful we got to see this series. It was incredible.


 ORL/PHIL                        Magic in 6                                    Magic in 5

 The Magic are my sleeper team in this playoff. I was really impressed with the way they played without Howard in game 6.


 ATL/MIA                            Hawks in 7                                        Heat in 7

 I predicted a seven game series. I was right, I just had the wrong team winning. I don’t feel too bad.


                                          SECOND ROUND

       #1 Cleveland Cavaliers             vs.    #4  Atlanta Hawks

top players         LeBron James                                  Joe Johnson

                               Mo Williams                                        Mike Bibby

season series             3                                                                1


  This is a series where both teams strength is in the backcourt. Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby will have to play the series of their lives for this to be competitive. LeBron and the Cavs were almost unstoppable in round one, but was that mainly because of the lack of effort from Detroit. We will see. Atlanta will be hoping for a big effort from Marvin Williams, but if Ilgauskas plays well this series will be put to bed early.


                              Cavaliers in 5

  #2    Boston Celtics                       vs.    #3   Orlando Magic

TP            Paul Pierce                                               Dwight Howard

                  Ray Allen                                                    Rashard Lewis

season          2                                                                            2


    Not having Kevin Garnett was a huge loss for the Celtics in the first round, and it will be even bigger in this round. Without Garnett, Kendrick Perkins will be alone in having to stop Howard. I just don’t see that happening. In Lewis and Turkoglu, Orlando has two players that can do what Ray Allen does. I was big on the impact of Courtney Lee coming into this series. His absence is the only thing that makes this series close.


                                      Magic in 6