NBA Western Conference second round preview

May 04, 2009 |


  Before I submit my second round prediction and analysis, I will show how I did in the first round. I think we should all be held accountable for our picks. Since I didn’t do that well in the West in the first round this is a little painful, but I owe it to my readers.

                                                                 RESULT                              MY PICK

LA/UTAH                                  Lakers in 5                             Lakers in 5

  I had this one nailed , but who didn’t .

DEN/NO                                    Nuggets in 5                            Hornets in 6

  I gave way too much credit to what I thought Chris Paul was going to do. I ended up way off, I won’t disrespect Denver again.

SA/DALL                                   Mavericks in 5                       Spurs in 7

I thought Duncan and Parker would find a way, but they were just outgunned.

 PORT/HOU                            Rockets in 6                             Rockets in 6

I thought the Rockets experience would be too much, and for once I was right.


                                            Second Round

      #1  Los Angeles Lakers       vs.     #5   Houston Rockets

top players        Kobe Bryant                                 Ron Artest

                                Pau Gasol                                        Yao Ming

season series        4                                                                 0

    If there is any team in the Western Conference that has any chance against the Lakers, it is Houston. They have an experienced team that won’t be scared of LA. The biggest part of this series is going to be Artest’s ability to guard Kobe Bryant. Artest can do it, but if Kobe gets in his head….well watch out. The Yao/ Bynum battle in the post will be a major factor. the Rockets secret weapon will be the improved play of Luis Scola. Against my better judgement I think Houston will make LA sweat, but in the end it won’t be enough against Kobe, Pau, Odom, etc.


                        LAKERS in 7

    # 2  Denver Nuggets                   vs.           #6  Dallas Mavericks

TP’s         Carmelo Anthony                                            Dirk Nowitski

                  Chauncey Billups                                             Jason Terry

season              4                                                                                0

   I think in the first round Denver looked good, and San Antonio looked bad. I see Denver as the superior team coming into this series. I think Billups has been more than Denver could have hoped for when they made the trade, and Anthony is ready to lead his team into the big time of a conference final. Denver’s inside game is too deep for Dallas with complementary players like Nene and Chris Anderson, to go with Kenyon Martin. Dallas won’t fold, and Terry and Nowitski will score their points; but Denver will not really be challenged.


                         NUGGETS in 6