NCAA Tournament Locks (Final Edition)

March 13, 2011 |


  Well here we are, a mere hours away from the selections. There is only one conference final left. There is some intrigue with that. Penn State is right on the bubble. A particularly bad loss could drop them back. You have to wonder though, because the Big Ten Final butts right up against the selection show, are they likely to just go ahead and put Penn State in to save them any extra headaches at the last minute.

2011 NCAA Tournament                      

Certain At-Large Locks (32)                           Automatic Bids(31)

Xavier (OH)                                                               UNC-Asheville

Temple                                                                       Belmont

 Florida State                                                       Morehead State

N. Carolina                                                              Indiana State

Michigan                                                                 St. Peter’s

Texas                                                                         Gonzaga

Texas A&M                                                            Old Dominion

Kansas State                                                             Wofford

Missouri                                                                      Butler

Pitt                                                                                 Oakland (MI)

Notre Dame                                                           Arkansas-Little Rock

Louisville                                                                  Long Island

Syracuse                                                                    N. Colorado

St. John’s                                                                  Bucknell

West Virginia                                                           Boston U.

Cincinnati                                                               UT-San Antonio

Georgetown                                                              Duke

  Michigan St.                                                         Richmond

Villanova                                                                    Kansas

 Penn State                                                                UConn

Purdue                                                                      Cal-Santa Barbara

Wisconsin                                                                Memphis

George Mason                                                        Princeton

BYU                                                                             Akron

Colorado                                                                 Hampton

UNLV                                                                     San Diego State

Arizona                                                                  Washington

UCLA                                                                        Kentucky

Florida                                                                  Alabama St.

Vanderbilt                                                            Utah State

Marquette                                                             Ohio State 



  So what you have are essentially 5 places left.

These are the teams the committee is debating about right now.

They are Illinois,  USC, Clemson, Virginia Tech, St. Mary’s , Missouri State, Alabama, Georgia, Boston College, and UAB.

Tune in at 6 o’clock and we’ll see what they decide.