Grunfeld Taking a Wiz on D.C.

December 19, 2012 | WNST Staff

After watching and following the Wizards for the past several years, only one thing comes to mind. To quote the great Vince Lombardi, “what the hell is going on out here?” No team can be more infuriating in this massive media market, than the basketball team in D.C. It all starts and finishes with one […]

Coach Skerry Calls Damas their biggest spirit player

Long Seasons Made Short-How Coaches Break Them Down

December 14, 2012 | Robert Canady

Sports seasons are long, Major League Baseball runs from late March to early November, the NFL goes from September into February, the NBA from October into June, College basketball goes from early November until early April, the NHL…oh yeah that’s right, well you get the point.    Because seasons are so long, coaches often break them […]

Jerrelle Benimon led Towson with 11 points and 16 rebounds against his former team. (photo courtsey of Towson Athletics)

Benimon Leads Towson In Upset Bid Of Georgetown

December 08, 2012 | Robert Canady

Often, when athletes face a former team, they are so excited and pumped up for the game it can lead to a less than stellar performance.  That was not the case with Jerrelle Benimon, a Georgetown transfer, who almost led the Towson Tigers to an upset victory over the No. 15 ranked Georgetown Hoyas on […]

Jerome Hairston ranks 4th among CAA Freshmen in scoring. (courtsey of Towson Athletics)

Towson Shows Well Among CAA Statistical Leaders

December 03, 2012 | Robert Canady

It is hard to believe that even though the college basketball season just started, it will be a quarter of the way over for most teams by the end of this week.     The improvement in Towson’s basketball team is already evidenced by the three wins the team has accumulated so far in just seven games.   […]

Loyola Wins Battle of York Road

November 27, 2012 | Robert Canady

It has been pointed out to me that my last two pieces about the Towson basketball team had references to food and eating. I looked at them again and sure enough, they did. One referenced a team saying of ‘everyone eats when we win’ and the other one mentioned Coach Pat Skerry theoretically enjoying his […]

Tigers Take Winning Ways Into Thanksgiving Weeekend

November 23, 2012 | Robert Canady

The turkey had to taste a bit better this year for Pat Skerry as his Towson men’s’ basketball team took a 3-2 record into the Thanksgiving holiday.  The Tigers just finished a 3-1 trip to the Comfort Suites Invitational in Richmond, Kentucky. The lone blemish was a 71-69 OT loss to host Eastern Kentucky, which […]

Bring Out Your Dead

October 24, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

A Quick Look at the Sports World’s Dead, Dying and Suddenly Resurgent

Olympic Hoops Age Limit Not As Stupid As It Sounds

July 19, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

Now that the NBA and NBC aren’t partners, it shouldn’t be a surprise that David Stern wants to pull back his players from the Olympics.

Has the Media Changed the Landscape of Free Agency in Modern Sports?

July 05, 2012 | Andrew Tomlinson

If you are a hockey fan, then you have probably been following the Ryan Suter and Zach Parise story for the last week. What has been fascinating is despite the two players not being superstars, when they signed it seemed as if the teams who did not get them had lost out on this generation’s […]

Why The NBA is in Trouble

July 05, 2012 | Shawn Weimer

The NBA is currently in large amounts of trouble and it is not from their players criminal history. The NBA is in about as much financial trouble as Greece well maybe not that much but close. The NBA has not been quiet about how their attendance and revenues to match their expenditures on a yearly basis.  This problem was […]