Quick Look at NBA and NHL Conference Finals

May 16, 2010 |


      Here we are at the Final Four for both the NBA and NHL and there are some intriguing matchups and story lines. Of course, LeBron, Ovie, and Sid the Kid are nowhere to be found; but playoffs are about who wins …..period. If you are one of those that laments these stars being gone, then you should petition the leagues to institute a BCS and just skip ahead to a Lakers/ Cavs final.

    Personally, I love it when upsets happen and guys can make anything happen in the post-season. That being sad, you can’t really call Phoenix or Boston being where they are an upset; that word is reserved for the Eastern Conference hockey finals.

    Coming off my Preakness picks I’m feeling good. I had Looking at Lucky with a big Win bet. I also had Jackson bend and Yawanna Twist hitting my board.  I am a Sarah Palin fan, but this time I wish the” First Dude” had not had a good day. Drop him off the board and I would be RICH!!!!!!

  Alright, with that buildup here comes my probably wrong NBA/NHL picks.



           #7  Philadelphia Flyers     vs.     #8  Montreal Canadiens

Scorers:       Mike Richards                             Mike Cammalleri

                          Danny Briere                                  Tomas Plekanec

                          Chris Pronger                                Brian Gionta

Goalie:          Michael Leighton                            Jaroslav Halak

      What do you say when you have the 7 seed versus the 8 seed. Really, who knows; but in this case I will go against injuries and with hotness. Not looks, but hot play. The Flyers are still a little banged up and not using their number 1 goalie. The Canadiens have taken out the two biggest stars in the sport and have the hottest goalie. Not too mention that Cammalleri is out of his mind.

       MY PICK:      CANADIENS in 6


             #1   San Jose Sharks      vs.     #2   Chicago Blackhawks

Scorers:     Joe Thornton                          Johnathan Toews

                         Joe Pavelski                         Patrick Kane

                         Dany Heatley                          Patrick Sharp

Goalie:      Evgeni Nabokov                       Antti Niemi

    This is more what you expect from a conference finals. These teams are stacked with talent. Offense, defense, goaltending. You are hard pressed to find any real weaknesses. This series will probably determine the Stanley Cup champion, it very least will determine the favorite. I do like Nabokov over Niemi, and I just think it’s the Sharks time. I picked San Jose in my preseason blog, and I don’t think Thornton and Heatley will let me down now.

       MY PICK:     SHARKS in 7


         #1  Los Angles Lakers    vs.     #3   Phoenix Suns

Starters:       Andrew Bynum                         Channing Frye

                             Pau Gasol                                 Amare Stoudamire

                            Ron Artest                                Grant Hill

                            Kobe Bryant                             Jason Richardson

                            Derek Fisher                              Steve Nash

              Lets start with the negatives for LA. Fisher can in no way guard Nash. With some age and injuries it will tax them to keep up with the Suns. Outside of Odom their bench is not as potent as The Suns. This series will not be as easy for the Lakers as the Jazz were. Kobe will need to be big in the clutch. Gasol and Bynum absolutely must control the paint and put up big board numbers to keep the Suns from running too much. In the end I am not sure if Grant Hill can guard Kobe.

            MY PICK:    LAKERS in 6

                           NBA EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS

                #2   Orlando Magic    vs.     #4   Boston Celtics

Starters:      Dwight Howard                 Kendrick Perkins

                           Rashard Lewis                    Kevin Garnett

                          Matt Barnes                         Paul Pierce

                           Vince Carter                          Ray Allen

                           Jameer Nelson                 Rajon Rondo

        Orlando won in seven last year, but it is a whole different ball game this time. The Magic didn’t have Carter or Nelson in that series, but they did have Turkoglu; and the Celtics were without their leader Kevin Garnett. It seems that the Celtics really pulled off this year what many teams try. Coasting through the regular season, to be fresh for the playoffs. They looked incredibly sharp versus Cleveland. The Magic provide a different challenge. They really are a perimeter team. Rashard Lewis is ostensibly their power forward for god sake.  He is primarily a three point shooter, but then so is most of their squad. They are playing great right now, but if the 3’s stop falling; Garnett and Perkins will be able to collapse on Howard. I think the Nelson/ Rondo matchup at point guard will hold the key to the series.

                MY PICK:   CELTICS in 6