Sifting Through The Wreckage

January 28, 2008 |

* Gary Williams failed to adjust in the second half defensively.  Specifically, Landon Milbourne got abused by DeMarcus Nelson (who scored 19 in the 2nd Half, coincidentally).  I’m amazed that I can see this happening while sitting with a cold beverage of my choice, so why can’t Gary?  Milbourne should have been pulled off of Nelson at the 8 minute mark.  Sheesh.

*23 turnovers killed the Terps.  They shot a season high 54% for the game and lost by nine.  Meanwhile, Duke had 10 turnovers.  Before you start bashing The General, bear in mind he only committed 2 tonight.

*Free throw shooting continues to plague the Terps at critical times.  Missed ends of one-and-ones in addition to one-for-two while shooting a pair is crippling to your chances at victory.  Especially against a quick, decisive offense like Duke.

* Boom Osby.  Wow.  I only wish he had at least one more year of eligibility left.  Could someone start a petition?

* For the love of God and all that’s good, can someone on the Terps coaching staff draw up an effective baseline inbounds play?  This has been an underlying flaw of Gary’s for years now.  These heave-hoes into the backcourt when you’re inbounding fifteen feet from the basket absolutely must stop.  Can’t you borrow a play from 1953 and just inbound to the corner and have the passer flash to the low block?  Is that so difficult?  Ayyiyi.

* Terps are now 2-3 in conference and 12-8 overall.  No chance for a Big Dance bid unless the talent improves and matures considerably in the next week or two.  NIT could be a stretch too.

* Duke has become The Clone Factory.  Laettner, Parks, Hurley, Wojo, Paulus, Redick, Scheyer…Please make them stop!

* I still say this Duke team loses in the Sweet 16.

* Anxiously awaiting Coach K’s next Amex commercial….Let’s talk some college hoops on Saturdays!