Wizards trade 5th pick

June 23, 2009 |


   News has just hit that the Wizards  look to have traded the fifth pick in Thursday’s draft. This certainly makes Thursday a little less exciting for you Wizards fans. Now they only have the 32nd pick to improve their roster.

     But if improving the roster is what you are looking for, I think they may have done something right with this deal.

   Here are the particulars——–

Washington receives    Randy Foye and Mike Miller

Minnesota receives    Etan Thomas,  Darius Songaila, Oleksiy Pecherov and the 5th pick.

              The main crux of this deal is the fifth pick for Randy Foye. Foye is a legitimate contributor in this league. He averaged 16 points and 4 1/2 assists per game last season. The Wizards will pair him in the backcourt with Arenas, so that Arenas can move more without the ball. The Wizards tried this with Antonio Daniels and Mike James, but they don’t bring the scoring punch that Foye does. 

      Mike Miller for Darius Songaila is a slight improvement for Washington. Etan Thomas is just a throw-in to make salaries work. The one place Washington could get burned is if Pecherov makes significant improvements. He barely played last year and its not like he’s 19. Pecherov is 23 and doesn’t look to be someone Washington will severely miss. So as I said this deal will be judged by Randy Foye. You know what you are getting with him and it is solid if not spectactular; and Washington seems to have chosen that over the unknown of a James Harden or DeMar DeRozan