Mayweather Throwing In The Towel

June 13, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

If you haven’t yet purchased your “Free Floyd Mayweather” t-shirts, you might want to hold off; they’re likely to be on discount soon. The shelf life on a “Free Floyd” t-shirt wasn’t going to be very long anyway as he was only going to spend 87 days in the pokey maximum and most figured he’d be done in about half that time. If Mayweather’s attorneys have their way, he’ll be out (albeit confined to his home) much quicker than that.

Fans who have been anticipating Mayweather’s comeuppance, at the hands of Manny Pacquiao or anyone else, had better relish this moment, as it appears that a bid in the clink has done what no opponent has been capable of. Prison, it seems, has gotten the best of Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Technically, according to the Associated Press report, Mayweather’s attorneys have asked for either a release from protective custody into general population or to have him released to home confinement. Obviously the reasons for keeping Floyd in PC in the first place are sound and not going away, so essentially the best option if a judge will consider an alternative is home confinement. Maybe this is Mayweather’s way of saving face. Maybe it’s his equivalent of a low blow or eye gouge that allows a fighter a respectable reason to end a fight that they had already given up hope in.


In boxing terms Mayweather has barely made it into the championship rounds as the request for emergency intervention was filed on day 11 of a jail sentence that Mayweather wore like a badge of honor for the months leading up to his incarceration. After all, for all of his championship exploits and their spoils Mayweather has built an impressive and monumental brand, but he can’t buy street cred. Money Mayweather’s lack thereof really seems to bother him. As a result he’s quick to point out a “tough upbringing”, to partner with guys like 50-cent, to attack Manny Pacquiao with a tirade of racist taunts, to take “pro-black” shots at Jeremy Lin and to celebrate his own impending incarceration. Now he’s paying the piper.


As it relates to building street cred, and 87-day jail sentence is laughable even before the recipient starts tapping out on day 11. Furthermore an 87-day stint for beating up your girlfriend, in front of your kids no less is shameful and the degree to which Mayweather celebrated it despicable. So now the world-class athlete withers in a jail cell unable to muster the survival instinct to drink some tap water and do some push ups, and he’s asking for the mercy of the court. And the sad truth is, he’ll probably get it. But in the grand scheme of things Mayweather really doesn’t “get it” and likely never will.


Everywhere else in society, because of his prolific gifts in the ring and his uncanny ability to generate hype and controversy, he doesn’t have to “get it”. But for now, in the cold reality of a laughably short bid in the cozy confines of protective custody, Floyd is at least getting his. For the fans who have been waiting for that…enjoy it, because it may never happen in the ring. Floyd after all, has another special talent that he’s displayed throughout the years. It’s the ability to protect his undefeated record by never fighting an opponent capable of beating him. Floyd’s record is ripe with impressive names, but a closer look reveals that all were beaten down and past their primes before being sacrificed to Mayweather. Maybe now we can see why.


The prison system isn’t your typical Mayweather hand-picked opponent, and it appears to be getting the best of him.