My Boxing Ratings (the LBF)

April 19, 2009 |

                                                  My brother and I got sick of having 4 or more champions per division, so we decided to create the LBF or Lambert Boxing Federation and only recognize 1 champion. We started this about 5 years ago and it makes our enjoyment of the sport better. Obviously we realize that this is just fantasy, but a fantasy world with just one champion per division is often better than the reality. So I thought I’d let you in on our champs and ratings. Don’t get mad at me if you don’t agree with my champion. I know he is not always the best fighter in the division. But in our world once we picked the champ 5 years ago we have to stick with the linear movement of the belt. You can only lose your belt in my world in the ring or by retiring or moving up in weight. So here are the Champions and top five contenders in each division.
               Heavyweight 200+     Cruiserweight 200             Lt.Heavyweight 175
Champ: Wladimir Klitschko     Tomasz Adamek             Chad Dawson           
1.            Vitali Klitschko         Guillermo Jones               Bernard Hopkins
2.            Ruslan Chagaev          Jean-Marc Mormeck     Glen Johnson
3.     Alexander Povetkin         Steve Cunningham           Antonio Tarver                
4.        Nikolai Valuev                    Marco Huck                       Zsolt Erdei
5.           Chris Arreola                   Krzystof Wlodarczyk              Adrian Diaconu


           Super Middleweight 168   Middleweight 160        Jr. Middleweight 154

Champ:  Mikkel Kessler             Kelly Pavlik                     Sergei Dzindziruk

1.                 Lucien Bute           Arthur Abraham                  Paul Williams

2.                   Carl Froch                Felix Sturm                          Daniel Santos

3.              Jermain Taylor           John Duddy                      Vernon Forrest

4.               Librado Andrade        Winky Wright                 Sergio Martinez

5.               Karoly Balszay              Anthony Mundine            Sergio Mora


               Welterweight 147           Jr. Welterweight 140           Lightweight 135

Champ: Shane Mosley                     Ricky Hatton              Juan Manuel Marquez

1.          Miguel Cotto                       Manny Pacquiao                   Edwin Valero

2.     Antonio Margarito                 Timothy Bradley                    Juan Diaz

3.          Andre Berto                       Andreas Kotelnik                 Joel Casamayor

4.           Joshua Clottey                     Ricardo Torres               Breidis Prescott

5.             Carlos Quintana                     Juan Urango                    Paulus Moses


            Jr.Lightweight 130            Featherweight 126       Jr.Featherweight 122

Champ: Humberto Soto                  Chris John                          Israel Vazquez

1.          Robert Guerrero            Steven Luevano               Celestino Caballero

2.           Jorge Linares                      Jorge Solis                         Rafael Marquez

3.             Rocky Martinez            Yuriorkis Gamboa          Juan Manuel Lopez

4.            Malcolm Klassen                Cristobol Cruz                   Bernard Dunne

5.               Rocky Juarez                    Takahiro Aoh              Jhonny Gonzalez


                   Bantamweight 118      Jr.Bantamweight 115           Flyweight 112

Champ: Fernando Montiel         Vic Darchinyan         Denkaosan Kaowichit

1. Hozumi Hasegawa                 Alexander Munoz             Nonito Donaire

2. Anselmo Moreno                    Nobuo Nashiro                  Omar Narvaez

3. Joseph Agbeko                     Devid Lookmahanak           Koki Kameda

4. Abner Mares                               Jose Lopez                             Daisuke Naito          

5.      Z Gorres                              Evans Mbamba            Pongsaklek Wonjongkam











                             Jr.Flyweight 108                                Strawweight 105 


 Champ:               Brian Viloria                            Oleydong Sithsamerchai

1.                             Ivan Calderon                                  Raul Garcia                               

2.                           Edgar Sosa                                      Roman Gonzalez

3.                         Brahim Asloum                                Donnie Nietes

4.                              Hugo Cazares                                Florante Condes

5.                            Ulises Solis                                     Manuel Vargas


                                   Upcoming LBF title fights

   Saturday      Ulises Solis vs. Brian Viloria

   5/1     Oleydong Sithsamerchai vs  Muhammed Rachman

   5/2      Ricky Hatton     vs.        Manny Pacquiao

              Humberto Soto    vs.     Benoit Gaudet

   5/9   Chad Dawson     vs.        Antonio Tarver

   5/12    Denkaosan Kaovichit  vs.   Hiroyuki Hisataka

6/20     Wladimir Klitschko vs.          David Haye

 6/27     Kelly Pavlik          vs.          Sergio Mora

                 Chris John           vs.        Rocky Juarez

                  Fernando Montiel    vs.     Eric Morel

  8/11      Sergei Dzinziruk          vs.       James Kirkland


          Bouts I would most like to see in each division.

Heavy-  W. Klitschko vs. V.Klitschko, but since I will never see that I will settle for Vitali Klitschko vs. Chris Arreola

Cruiser- Tomasz Adamek vs. Guillermo Jones, Adamek cannot be in a bad fight.

Lt Heavy- Chad Dawson vs. Bernard Hopkins, to see if Dawson can prove himself versus the old master.

SupMiddle- Jermain Taylor vs. Carl Froch, and I do get to see it next week.

Middle-   Kelly Pavlik vs. Arthur Abraham, would be a must see action fight.

JrMiddle- Paul Williams vs. Sergio Martinez, there might be a thousand punches landed if this fight happens.

Welter- Shane Mosley vs. Miguel Cotto II, the first fight was close enough to ask for a second helping.

JrWelter-  Ricky Hatton vs. Manny Pacquiao, I think it will be uncompetitive at the end, but the first 3 or 4 rounds might be legendary.

Light- Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Edwin Valero, the ultimate test of skills versus punch.

JrLight- Rocky Martinez vs. Robert Guerrero, not well known but both good young fighters who give evrything they have.

Feather- Chris John vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa, mostly because I love Gamboa and want to see him against anyone.

JrFeather- Israel Vazquez vs Juan Manuel Lopez, the old KO artist versus the young KO artist.

Bantam- Fernando Montiel vs. Anselmo Moreno, two slick boxers plying their trade at the peak of their careers.

Jr. Bantam- Vic Darchinyan vs.  Alexander Munoz, kind of a weak division with not much comp for Vic, probably why he is thinking of moving up.

Fly- Nonito Donaire vs. Koki Kameda, the two most talented in the division should face each other.

JrFly- Ulises Solis vs. Ivan Calderon, would be another chapter in the Mexico/ Puerto Rico rivalry

Straw-  Oleydong Sithsamerchai vs. Roman Gonzalez,  honestly I’ve never seen either of them fight, but i understand they are the best in the division.