Seeing the press release stating that Dave Trembley was fired as Orioles manager reminds me of how hard the decision is from the inside and how it affects an entire organization.

Blog & Tackle: Not a good day

June 04, 2010 | Chris Pika

Seeing the press release stating that Dave Trembley was fired as Orioles manager reminds me of how hard the decision is from the inside and how it affects an entire organization.

Blog & Tackle: 2010 NFL Free Agency primer

March 05, 2010 | Chris Pika

The 2010 NFL free agency period began March 5 with 531 players who can negotiate with all 32 clubs, and the landscape in an uncapped year is much different. Here are the Ravens players directly impacted by free agency, and some of the rules going forward in the 2010 season.

Blog & Tackle: No NFL betting in Delaware (for now)

August 24, 2009 | Chris Pika

If you were hoping to take a short trip up to Delaware to put a few dollars down on single-game NFL betting, hold your cash because a federal court Monday ruled the state’s plan violated a federal ban. According to ESPN, a three-judge panel in Philadelphia heard almost two hours of arguments from attorneys for […]

Blog & Tackle: NFL’s message control Twittered away

August 05, 2009 | Chris Pika

The rise of Twitter from social networking novelty to full-blown breaking news source in the sports world was cemented in recent days, not in general acceptance, but in the attempts to control its reach by some NFL clubs. The team-media relationship is mostly controlled by league-mandated access to players and coaches each week. The NFL […]

Blog & Tackle: NFL’s court case could change sports landscape

July 20, 2009 | Chris Pika

ESPN’s legal analyst Lester Munson wrote a lengthy piece about a Supreme Court case that could have a huge impact on sports and future costs for fans if the NFL prevails. Here is Munson’s complete story on ESPN. American Needle, Inc. made caps and hats bearing NFL and team logos for several years until the […]

Blog & Tackle: Vacation safety applies to NFLers, too

July 02, 2009 | Chris Pika

We’ve all seen the messages this week about being safe during the Fourth of July holiday. Safety is also on the minds of NFL players going on their final vacations before training camp. Rookies got that message hammered home in the yearly NFL Rookie Symposium, sponsored by the league and mandatory for all newcomers. Along […]

Blog & Tackle: 2009 NFL free agent and updated CBA Q&A

February 23, 2009 | Chris Pika

The NFL released its’ annual free agency Q&A, along with an updated CBA-related Q&A for 2009 over the weekend. We posted the 2008 version of the CBA portion last week, before the league updated the important questions on the CBA heading into the 2009 league year. Here is that updated information which might clear some […]

Blog & Tackle: Explanation of last capped and uncapped years

February 17, 2009 | Chris Pika

There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks about the future of the NFL’s labor agreement with its players and how the 2009 (last capped year) and 2010 (uncapped year) seasons will work if there is no CBA extension. Here is a Q&A the NFL wrote and distributed last May to explain what […]

Blog & Tackle: Cleaning out the Super Bowl notebook

February 04, 2009 | Chris Pika

It was a long week in Tampa, capped off by an extremely entertaining fourth quarter in Super Bowl XLIII, so it’s time to put a lid on the week that was. I thought the final quarter of the Super Bowl was the best we have ever seen, even topping the Giants’ victory over the Patriots […]

Blog & Tackle: Is it Baltimore or Maryland Orioles?

November 13, 2008 | Chris Pika

In all of the hoopla surrounding the Orioles’ uniform unveiling, one slick bit of marketing seems to have gone unnoticed, except for some of us who are amateur uniform watchers, especially of the Baltimore team variety. The circular patches on the new road and home jerseys have the same orange border that surrounded the old […]