A great day was had by all at Mountain Branch…

May 25, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I will post a full blog with all the memorable details tomorrow…after I get some sleep and recover from spending six hours in that beautiful sun today.  We’ll have plenty of pics to include on this blog sometime Friday, so be sure and check back in.

But I wanted to quickly get on-line at wnst.net and just let you all know that we had a PHENOMENAL day at Mountain Branch this afternoon as we hosted our annual Charity Golf Outing, this year presented in honor of Erinn McCarthy.

Among the notes (and we’ll have A LOT more details and stories tomorrow):

> We won’t know exactly how much money we raised until next week when we “settle” with Mountain Branch and get all the checks in, but there’s no doubt the 2007 event will be our most successful EVER!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  And Maryvale Prep thanks you as well!

> Bill and Maria McCarthy and their son, Ryan, were there throughout the day today and they were just fantastic!  We are so proud to be associated with the McCarthy and Maryvale families at WNST.

> King Corbett made a hole-in-one!  No, he didn’t win that beautiful red Ford Mustang convertible, because that was stationed at #9 and King made his hole-in-one at #14, but he still wins free airfare on American Airlines!  And that was his first ace!  Way to go, King!

> Joe Bourne’s team won – for the second year in a row – with a net score of 50.49.  We’ll post the top 8 finishers tomorrow.

> Mark Chapman of Chapman Limousine provided EVERY participant (sold out field of 120) with a discount limo service coupon and he helped the Maryvale girls sell their “Do It For Erinn” bracelets at the 9th hole.  Thanks for all your help, Mark.  His coupon is now up on our web-site if anyone is in need of limousine service, so be sure to surf wnst.net.

> The Maryvale moms showed up and helped with raffle ticket sales, pink wrist band sales, etc.  What a wonderful group of parents they have at Maryvale.

> Longtime WNST listener Don Mohler (who works with Baltimore Co. Executive Jim Smith) presented Melissa Cascio (Erinn’s best friend) with an official “citation” from the Baltimore County Executive’s office, honoring her for her work in raising money in Erinn’s money.  Melissa bought and sold pink “Do It For Erinn” wrist-bands and then donated the proceeds to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

So much more to report on…but I’ll get it all assembled and provide a FULL, detailed review – with pics – tomorrow.

What a day!  And it all happened because WNST Radio has the best listeners/supporters in Baltimore.  That’s the truth.  You all know how to step up and make things better.  I can’t say “thank you” enough.

Talk to you in about 7 hours.