Here’s who went above and beyond the call of duty…

May 22, 2007 | Drew Forrester

As most of you know, the now-4th-annual WNST Charity Golf Outing presented in honor of Erinn McCarthy will be held this Thursday, May 24 at Mountain Branch.

There is no doubt our 2007 tournament is the most widely anticipated of all the ones we’ve hosted…primarily because of Erinn’s story and the fact that Thursday gives WNST listeners a chance to contribute to the memory of Erinn by helping us raise funds for her school, Maryvale Prep.

I wanted to take some time right now, before I get so swamped with final details that I forget or run out of time, to thank some people who have really helped make this event a reality.  I list these people in no specific order and most certainly in no order of importance to the merits of their contribution.  As they come to me, I’ll list them.

Kevin Mahoney – When I went on the air on Monday, March 19 and talked about seeing Erinn’s obituary in the newspaper and asked on the air, “Can anyone put me in touch with the McCarthy family?”, I got an e-mail from Kevin about four minutes later.  He was the first person from the extended McCarthy family to reach out to me and he got the ball rolling.

Wim Cassard – A very close personal friend of the McCarthy’s, he met me for breakfast in late March and gave me great insight into how strong and brave Erinn was in her final months – and he also provided me with some real heartwarming stories about Erinn’s mom (Maria) and dad (Bill).

Steve Cascio – Steve is another close friend of the McCarthy family and his daughter, Melissa, was one of Erinn’s best friends from Maryvale.  I had Melissa on the air with me a few weeks after Erinn’s passing and Melissa told the listeners about a special fund-raiser she’s overseeing to try and raise money in her friend’s memory.  Steve and I met one night at Orchard Landing in Towson and talked about how to make this year’s golf outing a success.

Melissa Mauldin – Melissa works for Sun Trust Bank, where Bill McCarthy is employed.  Sun Trust purchased three foursomes to this year’s event and Melissa has organized them all.

Meredith Bower – Meredith took me on the grand tour of Maryvale in late March and gave me a real up-close and personal view of the warmth and love the school has for Erinn.  I met Sister Shawn during my visit and spent 20 minutes in her office talking about the golf outing and the wonderful school she oversees.

Jim Lusby – Jim is a listener who had the fortune of attending this year’s Masters Tournament in April.  On his own accord, Jim brought me back a bag full of Masters souvenirs (and I’m talking a BAG full…) that we are going to auction/raffle off at the outing this Thursday.

Dennis Koulatsos – Like he’s done for the last three years, Dennis comes through every year with a huge amount of help.  He’s the GM of the Koons Ford Security Blvd. dealership and a great friend of mine – and a regular WNST listener – and someone who has his finger on the pulse of the community.  He got behind our Erinn McCarthy outing right away…by once again donating a Ford Mustang convertible for our 9th hole “hole-in-one” contest and also by purchasing a foursome for the event.  The man is awesome!

Bob Griebe – Another WNST listener, the longtime household name in Baltimore lacrosse has donated several STX putters for use as prizes this Thursday.  He’s with STX lacrosse in Baltimore but managed to snag a few putters for us!  Thanks again, Bob!

Sally Healy –  She’s involved in the LPGA McDonald’s Championship that’s coming to Bulle Rock in Havre De Grace, June 4-10.  I met Sally and former U.S. Women’s Open Champion Betsy Rawls for lunch in Delaware back in late March and they both were very touched by Erinn’s story.  Sally sent me a box full of LPGA passes, shirts, hats, souvenirs, etc. to raffle/auction off this Thursday.

Mark Suchy – I don’t make it a habit of ever putting any pressure on any of the WNST staff to get involved in the golf outing because everyone has their own lives and busy schedule to follow…but Mark – one of the new weekend hosts – purchased a foursome and a GPS advertisement on behalf of his company, Atlantic Caisson Corp…it’s MUCH appreciated.

Eagles for Erinn –  All of you who donated to our “Eagles For Erinn” campaign…it’s far too many to list…but you need to know that every dollar you donated went right to the purchase of our beautiful bronze Eagle sculpture that we will be unveiling for the first time on Thursday after the golf outing.

Mike Curtis – Mike is the man who created the Eagle sculpture for us…and even though he’s in Idaho, he was so touched by Erinn’s story he gave us a $3,000 discount off the sculpture!  It was priced at $7,500, but Mike took the $4,400 we raised and said, “I’d like to do my part in making your day in Baltimore very special.”  Amazing.

Dr. Dave Bimestefer – I always like to acknowledge the first entry for the tournament and this year, that honor goes to a dear friend of mine, Dr. Dave Bimestefer.  His application and check arrived the day after the web-site information was available.  Thanks Doc!

Jamie Costello – From NewsChannel 2 in Baltimore, I met Jamie out at Maryvale when I was there in late March for my tour.  His daughter plays on the Maryvale softball team and Jamie was obviously very touched by the life of Erinn McCarthy.  Jamie and I shared “auctioneer duties” at the Maryvale Golf Outing a few weeks back at Country Club of Maryland.  He’s a good man!

Richard Sheffler – Richard is from Crofton Country Club and he donated 12 guest passes to Crofton to be used as prizes for our golf outing.  Crofton is an outstanding golf course and I’m sure our winners/listeners will enjoy playing there.

To all the Maryvale Moms who have reached out to me – My e-mail inbox is filled with notes from Maryvale moms who want to help out on Thursday.  Come one, come all!  We’ll find something for you all to do, I promise!  And thanks for your participation!

Kevin Byrne and the Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens donated “A Day At Training Camp”, complete with 4 VIP passes, parking, lunch and a photo session with Coach Billick and one of their favorite players.  We’ll use this as one of the primary auction/raffle prizes for our event.  Once again, like they always do, the Ravens come through and help out a community event.  Thanks Kevin!

To the SOLD OUT field playing in this year’s event – I can’t list all 120 players here, but you know who you are!  Without your participation and generosity, there would be NO tournament each year.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nestor Aparicio (WNST owner) and Paul Kopelke  (WNST GM) – Each year I run this golf outing and both of those guys give me carte blanche to promote it as I see fit on the air and on the web-site.  It’s a tribute to their management style that they understand the importance of these community-based events and I’m given free reign to plan and promote…and that makes putting the event together much easier and, ultimately, increases the chance for success.  Thanks guys!

My wife, Joanne – Even with baby in tow, she asks, “what can I do to help on Thursday?”.  She’s ultra-supportive when it comes to nights like these when I’m at the computer for an hour blogging on

Art Jakovics and Kent Wheeler – Art and Kent are with SRIXON golf.  Art is a friend of mine (and a Parkville neighbor) who immediately answered the call back in March when I stopped him on Avondale Rd. and got out of my car eagerly explaining the May 24th golf outing.  SRIXON is providing golf balls for everyone, plus hats and prizes.  They were a key first component of the event and I can’t thank them enough for their donation of the SRIXON product.

And lastly, thanks to Bill and Maria McCarthy – I met Bill for breakfast in mid-April and was just overwhelmed with his bravery and love for his daughter and family.  Bill will be playing in Thursday’s event and Maria will be on hand with the rest of the Maryvale moms to help out with everything.  I can’t say “thank you” loud enough or long enough to the McCarthy’s for allowing WNST, its listeners and sponsors, the opportunity to be part of the Erinn McCarthy legacy.

We will do our very best to make Thursday a day the McCarthy’s will never forget.

I tried not to miss anyone, but I’m sure I did.  Don’t take it personally.  I’m gettin’ old!  You know what they say, when you get old two things happen:  First, your memory starts to wane.  And I forget what the second one is…

The weather looks great for Thursday.  Keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer for sunshine and I look forward to seeing everyone at Mountain Branch.  Registration is 1pm and golf balls go in the air promptly at 2:00 pm.