O’s 1st Game

April 03, 2007 | Drew Forrester

More lively discussion on today’s Comcast Morning Show, all of which somehow centered on Monday night’s baseball game in Minnesota.

In case you missed the show, here are a few bullet points:

* What on earth was Sam Perlozzo thinking leaving Erik Bedard in the game in the 5th inning when he loaded the bases with none out? Hello, Sam…your front office spent $43 million on the relief corps in the off-season. Head to the mound, give Erik the obligatory slap on the rump, and give the ball to Scott Williamson and see if he can weasel his way out of the 5th with little or no damage. After all, this is PRECISELY why Flana-quette spent $43 million, right?

* Johan Santanta didn’t even have his best stuff last night and this much is VERY evident just from watching him on Monday. He is the BEST (and it might not be close) pitcher in the game.

* The MASN TV broadcast was not only hotly debated on the air this morning, but my e-mail inbox is crammed with disgruntled fans/viewers. I’m one of them, as well. To wit:

– They are running commercials in the game – about players on the team – with incorrect stats from last season. Example: The Erik Bedard commercial has a voice-over and a graphic that says, “178 strike outs in 2006″…uh, guys, he actually had 171 strike-outs. How can someone make that kind of mistake and then how can someone not catch it, and then, worst of all, how can it run for THREE WEEKS and no one has caught on and changed it?

– I also have e-mails saying stats on Corey Patterson and Ramon Hernandez (in the commercials) are wrong, but I didn’t see those commercials so I don’t know that 100%. But if I saw the Bedard gaffe, I’m sure the people e-mailing me about Patterson and Hernandez are correct too.

– No high definition TV? Are you KIDDING me? That would be like going to your local Toyota dealer, asking them to bring you the very best Camry they have on the lot, writing them a check for it…and then getting in and seeing the car only has an AM radio. MASN is collecting $60 million this year from its cable affiliates and they aren’t going to put the games on in high-def? Robbery. That’s all it is…robbery.

* I think Gary Thorne is going to be a great play-by-play voice on MASN. He slipped up and referred to the team as “BALTIMORE” a couple of times last night, but that won’t happen often. He probably had three “missed calls” on his cell phone at game’s end….from a “410” area code. If you know what I mean.

It’s interesting that people call the show today and say, in summary, “Please stop criticizing the team and/or MASN for everything they do. We are tired of hearing the bashing that goes on every day.”

The only reply I can possibly offer to that is this: “Just tell the team and MASN (one and the same thing, essentially) to do SOMETHING (anything) right. When they do something right, they won’t be criticized. That broadcast on Monday night wasn’t even up to bush-league level. Shouldn’t we expect a major-league effort from EVERYONE involved with the major league club, even the broadcast entity?”

I can continue to watch and keenly observe the happenings and events surrounding the baseball team and report what I see truthfully and honestly to the listener. Or, I can watch and keenly observe and then dismiss anything I see that is questionable just to avoid “rocking the boat”. Which, as a listener, would you rather have me do? Speak the truth? Or lie?

We’re up to about 50 participants in “Eagle’s for Erinn” now. Thanks to all who have participated so far. If you need full details, just go back to my Monday, April 2nd, 11:00 am blog and all the information is there. E-mail at: morningshow@wnst.net if you want a golfer in our “Eagle’s For Erinn” fund-raiser.

Baltimore vs. Minnesota on MASN2 tonight at 8:05 pm. Daniel Cabrera taking on Boof Bonser. It’s Channel 17 on your Baltimore County Comcast…right now, that’s C-SPAN…but sometime around 8:00 pm, they’ll change over to baseball coverage. Confused? Everyone is, you’re not alone.

Have a great Tuesday!