Weekend ponderings…

May 07, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Sorry that I wasn’t around yesterday to blog.  Back today with a couple of tidbits, including my final take on the B.J. Surhoff “O’s Hall of Fame” argument.

I think Ray Bachman made an interesting case for B.J. in his Friday, May 4 blog…he cited Surhoff’s work ethic, community efforts and the fact that he maintained a year-long residence in Baltimore (something I CONSTANTLY harp on, of course) as reasons – along with his play on the field – that Surhoff belongs in the team’s Hall of Fame.

At the conclusion of Friday’s show, I said, “at first blush, I think Surhoff is not an O’s Hall of Famer, but give me the weekend to really think it through and I’ll get back to you on Sunday.”

Well, it’s Sunday.

And now I’m saying B.J. Surhoff DOES belong in the team’s Hall of Fame.  Now, that might be proof-positive of what’s happened here in Baltimore since 1998…that we’re willing to take GOOD players and put them in the team’s Hall of Fame because we don’t have any GREAT players on which to bestow that honor upon during the same era.  I don’t think B.J. was a great player.  He was a good player.  Some weeks, he might have been a VERY good player.  But his entire body of work, to me, was that of a good player.  And even though a team’s Hall of Fame should be reserved for that organization’s GREAT players, I think B.J. represents an era in the team’s history when it didn’t have any truly GREAT players – save for maybe Rafael Palmeiro – and thus, he gets in on the “good” vote.

Didn’t see the fight last night, but everything I’m hearing and reading tells me it was a disappointment.  I figured as much.  Boxing just isn’t the same anymore.  And to think those two guys are among the best in the business.  That just shows you how hard it is to pull off a successful bout these days.  Here’s ONE way I would do it if I were the promoter.  Give each boxer a $4 million guarantee for the fight.  Give each one of them $1 million for “training expenses”…this includes all of their training personnel, gym rental, etc. (and have those expenses be filed directly with/paid by the promoter).  And then give $10 million to the winner…as long as it’s a unanimous decision, TKO or knock-out.  If it’s a split decision or a draw, each guy gets $5 million. 

What’s the loser get, you ask?  $10 million LESS than the winner.  Now, go fight, boys.

O’s are losing right now, 8-3 in the 7th.  The WORST thing that could have happened to the Birds has happened.  Pitching injuries.  This injury to Loewen is going to wreck them, I’m telling you.  It’s one thing to trot out some combination of Jeremy Guthrie and Brian Burres every 5th day while you try to figure out what’s wrong with Jaret Wright.  It’s another to have your season-long pitching rotation look like this:

Bedard, Cabrera, Trachsel, ?, ?

You know, or at least you probably can reasonably predict, that Trachsel’s early-season good showing can’t be continued all year.  Let’s hope it does continue, somehow.  Or else, this thing could get real ugly, real quick.

We still have six (6) foursomes remaining for our May 24th WNST Charity Golf Outing, presented in honor of Erinn McCarthy.  Details are available on the web-site or you can e-mail me at drew@wnst.net and I’ll guide you through the sign-up process.

I’m spending the afternoon on Monday at the Maryvale Golf Tournament at the Country Club of Maryland, helping Jamie Costello with their auction and enjoying the great company of the people from Maryvale (where Erinn went to school).  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone over on Stevenson Lane around 5:30 pm.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend.