Duke Week for Terps on Two Fronts

March 03, 2010 |

A certain hated University down in North Carolina is sending two of their squads north to Maryland in the coming days. I don’t know about you, but I taste blood in the water.


Wednesday night at the Comcast Center, the 22nd-ranked Maryland Men’s basketball team takes on the 4th-ranked Duke Blue Devils.


On Saturday at M&T Bank Stadium, the #6 Terrapins’ Mens’ lacrosse squad takes on the Dukies, who fell to #9 this week after losing to Notre Dame.

This could be an extremely joyous, or an extremely excruciating, week in College Park.


On the hardwood, there is much at stake. It is Senior Night for the Terps’ Landon Milbourne, Eric Hayes, and Greivis Vasquez. This trio hasn’t tasted victory against Coach K’s squad since they were freshmen in 2007. A win on this night, in their final opportunity to do so in front of their home fans, would not only send them out on a high note, it also keeps their hopes alive for at least a share of the ACC regular-season title.

In the last meeting, as Dr. Pokrywka was quick to remind us, the Terps had no answer for Duke center Brian Zoubek. If they are to have any chance of getting even in the rematch, those aforementioned seniors will need a lot of help from their freshman down low, Jordan Williams. Williams, who has had a stellar first year, looked lost and intimidated in his first appearance in front of the “Cameron Crazies” (more like Cameron UGLIES, AMIRIGHT?!)


The young big man should have better luck in his home arena. If (and hopefully when) he does, well Duke faithful…prepare to tell your ugly kid to stop crying before YOU GIVE HIM SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!


(Note: WNST and the author do not endorse child abuse in any way. Unless…your kid wants to be a Duke fan. Or a Steelers fan. And…maybe Yankees or Red Sox too. If any of these are the case though, you are a failure as a parent, and its not like you could do that much more damage anyway.)

At the Purple Palace, there is far less at stake for the lax team. It is only early March, and the 2010 season is still in it’s infancy. However, beating Duke in anything, no matter the sport or time of year, should always be encouraged and heavily celebrated.

These two last met in last year’s Face-Off Classic, when the Terps prevailed 11-8.

While Duke just suffered an early-season setback, the Terps are riding high off a very impressive come-from-behind win over Georgetown last Saturday. Maryland trailed the Hoyas 11-7 in the third quarter, but stormed back, led by senior midfielder Will Yeatman, for a 15-13 win.

A victory over Duke on Saturday (11 AM faceoff)would give the Terps their first 3-0 start since 2006.

And, along with a win on Wednesday night, it would certainly lead to a lot of this in Durham.


That’s something we can all get behind.