Letting It Fly

March 14, 2011 | Tom Federline

For three hours Sunday evening, I was entertained by College Basketball broadcasted through the television medium. There was no game, no announcers, no referees. There was……. “fixing” going on (NCAA bracket selection and seeding), but I was indulged by banter between two analysts, a documentary and a commentary on the NCAA Tourney selection. You go Charles Barkley and Billy Packer. You go ESPN, with another stellar production in the “30 for 30 Series – The Fab Five”. You go Jay Bilas! Thanks for letting it fly last night. If you need to get caught up on any of this check out here, http://www.sportsgrid.com/ncaa-basketball/jay-bilas-calls-selections-of-uab/, also click on Barkley and Fab Five clips.

First – Charles Barkley calling Billy Packer a “jackass”. EEE-or, EEE-or, EEE-asy ……..Charles. You did get my attention. Whenever, a televised show gets me to LOL, glue me to my sofa or have me questioning -“What did they/he/she just say? It’s usually noteworthy. Well Sir Charles, “let his thoughts fly” after Billy Packers “let his thoughts fly”, about NBA announcers doing College games, i.e. TNT product may not be as informative or entertaining. Well Sir Charles, Mr. Packer is correct. But thank you for stirring the pot and at least speaking your mind.

ESPN’s 30 for 30 and the Fab 5 – If you didn’t catch it. Look it up, watch it, record it, you’ll thank me later. Nice reminder of that University of Michigan team, magnitude of those events and a behind the scenes look ,that we as fans were not privy to. Those young lads – Juwan Howard,  Jalen Rose and Chris Webber were “letting it fly” with some of their commentary from “back in the day”. Great clips of the teenagers and their growth during those two years.  Record if possible. ESPN’s only fault – 5 minute commercials.Highly recommend the viewing.

Finally, Jay Bilas. Yes, that Jay Bilas, a Dukie. Not very high on my ladder, but he went up a rung last night. His critique of the NCAA Basketball Selection Committee and this years Tourney invites – “I wonder if some people on the committee know whether the ball is round.” Yeah baby! You “let it fly”, very nice Jay Bilas. That’s how you “Don’t Hold Back” – Boston. Bilas continued rip them, with words like “bad decision”, “indefensible”, all nice jabs. But the questioned “round ball” was sweet.

All that college bball in less than 3 hours, I got my monies worth. Television did not let me down last night. Now, this morning when I woke up and found out the Terps didn’t even make it to the NIT…………..bummer, somewhat deserved. But thank you College Basketball. Thank you Charles, Billy and Jay. Thank you Michigan Basketball, early 1990’s. Thank you for the straight shots, feelings from the gut, warranted or otherwise. Every once in awhile and I highly recommend it, we all need “to let it fly”!