The WNST All-Time ACC Tournament

March 12, 2009 |

Welcome in for a historic look back at the yearly spectacle that is the ACC Tournament.  The first was played all the way back in 1954 and since then it has provided a grand stage for some of college basketball greatest players, coaches, and universities to showcase all of their outstanding abilities.

The format of and participants of the tournament have greatly changed since its inception; South Carolina has been there and gone, no longer does only its champion represent the other members in the NCAA Tournament, and football’s well-being has paved the way for Florida State… and Virginia Tech, Miami, and Boston College to play for the title.

Some schools have struggled, and others have found great success… Clemson is the only school to play in every ACC Tournament and never leave with a title, while every school in the Research Triangle has won at least 10 different occasions, as North Carolina, Duke, and NC State have won 17, 16, and 10 times respectively.

Some title games are high scoring; in 1974 eventual undefeated national champion NC State knocked off previously undefeated Maryland 103-100 in double-OT in what could be the greatest game in ACC history.  Other championship games are close defensive battles, for example… in the 1982 championship game, eventual national champ North Carolina, narrowly edged Virginia 47-45.  Now was it the Cavs’ D or Dean Smith’s ‘four corners’ that held Jordan, Worthy, and Perkins to only 47 points?

Ten teams have gone on to win National Championships.  Seventeen National Players of the Year have participated in twenty-two tournaments.  And twenty-seven first-team consensus All-American selections have appeared in thirty-three postseason classics.

These players have provided countless memories for fans over the years and over the next few days WNST will celebrate those guys and their efforts.

The WNST All-Time ACC Tournament will include the nine members who have all been around since Nestor found this place over ten years ago.  Each school will be represented by six all-time players and a coach who have participated exceptionally in the ACC Tournament and will square off in this fictional bracket for our title.

We have seeded the tournament by overall success in the conference, regardless of length of membership or the state of this season’s editions.

They are as follows: 1. North Carolina 2. Duke 3. NC State 4. Maryland 5. Wake Forest 6. Virginia 7. Georgia Tech 8. Florida State 9. Clemson.

Check back for the game story between in the play-in Seminole/Tiger game and each day until Sunday to find out which dream six-pack will bring home the crown.