The 15-7-0 is unseasonably hotter than the Patriots’ offense

October 07, 2013 | Glenn Clark

6. Similarly, I’d imagine the West family tends to prefer when cousin Terrance is in the news to when it’s cousin Kanye.

T-West certainly has WAY better moves.

Towson’s win would have been the best thing to happen in Charm City Saturday, but Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds played 8×10 Saturday night.

I couldn’t find any video, but here’s video of them doing “Fat Bottomed Girls” awhile back. It sounded similarly delicious Saturday night.

7. Georgia stayed unbeaten in SEC play, thanks in large part to a fumble by a guy from Tennessee named Pig. I’ve never really understood the whole “life imitating art” concept, but this is it-right?

But in all honesty, you have to feel TERRIBLE for the kid.

Georgia had to somehow overcome the fact that Volunteers WR Marquez North is actually Larry Fitzgerald.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a receiver or two of your own…

Elsewhere in the SEC, Ole Miss’ coaches understand each other.

Further elsewhere in the SEC, this.

Elsewhere also…

8. The Kansas City Chiefs are 5-0. I’ll take “Things More Unexpected than Derrick Rose Actually Playing in a Basketball Game” for 400, Alex.

Tennessee still struggling to find a quarterback, but the new receiver they have looks good. You know, the Fitzpatrick guy.

Later, Fitzpatrick momentarily forgot he was Ryan Fitzpatrick.

9. The success of Pierre Thomas Sunday strikes at the heart of what I believe to be an unalienable truth-that all people named Pierre are freaking weirdos.

I mean, you can both be a weirdo and still do this, right?

Clever Bears fans are clever.

10. Meanwhile in the Pac-12, we’re still a month away from Stanford playing Oregon so somehow we’ll try to make it seem like other things happening in the league sorta matter.

Stanford was actually tested by Washington, but come on. Were they really ever going to lose to a team that includes a guy named Shamburger? I mean, Shamburger!

Further elsewhere, this happened in Arizona State’s loss to Notre Dame…

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