The 15-7-0 is unseasonably hotter than the Patriots’ offense

October 07, 2013 | Glenn Clark

11. The Arizona Cardinals defense tallied seven sacks and three interceptions on the day Sunday-seemingly more amazing when you consider they weren’t even playing USC.

The problem for the scorekeepers in Phoenix is that they didn’t know who to credit on one of the Cards’ better plays of the day…

Oh hey! Athletes are just like us!

12. Terrelle Pryor is now going to petition the league to start every game at 1:30am. Laugh all you want, but you KNOW you’ll watch.

The whole stadium situation in Oakland had Marcel Reese so confused pregame he didn’t know which sport he was playing.

Things got so bad for San Diego that they just started trying to get their field goals blocked in order to get first downs.

I have no idea how Lenay Kekua shtick became good shtick again, but here’s this.

The regular freaks in the Black Hole were joined by new late night freaks Sunday. It made for whatever the hell this is.

See also…

13. Morgan State picked up their first win of the season Saturday. I usually say this type of thing is only a matter of time and everyone is going to get a win-but then again…you know…the Steelers.

Speaking of the Steelers, how’d they do this weekend?

14. I saw a REALLY strange episode of Wheel of Fortune Sunday night that ended with a guy solving the bonus wheel puzzle and “Schiano Stinks” and then winning Josh Freeman.

Could be worse. On Saturday Night, someone won “Naked Bobby Moynihan on a wrecking ball”…

The highlight of SNL was Miley Cyrus somehow making something interesting out of one of the worst songs of the summer.

15. Perry Hall beat Catonsville 45-7 Friday night, just another hapless victim on the way to a season that I assume will end with the Gators winning the American Athletic Conference.

You know they’re already ahead of the curve in the AAC because in the AAC, this happens.

But for what it’s worth, I don’t think PHHS has ever had a two point conversion quite this awesome.


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