Alabama made a statement Monday night, but the BCS still sucks

January 10, 2012 | Peter Dilutis

Say what you want about the playoff formats in all the different sports. Agree or disagree that MLB only has 1 wild-card team and 4 playoff teams in each league. Argue about those points until you are blue in the face.

But the bottom line is that when those respective seasons come to an end, there is one champion. Period.

The same cannot be said about NCAA football, and that is a crying shame.

LSU is going to get some first place votes. Perhaps some will believe that Oklahoma State is the best team in the country.

While I wouldn’t agree with that notion, the fact that Oklahoma State did not get a chance to prove itself the best in the country is yet another shame.

By the way, the way in which I started this blog just further illustrates how absurd the BCS really is. I actually made the point that Alabama made it easier on the BCS by winning decisively.

That is true…but it is sad. You know why?

Because that notion (and reality) goes against everything that sports are supported to be about. As Herm Edwards so famously said, you play to win the game. Period. You don’t play to win a game by 20.

Yet, in college football, taking a knee often times will spark a decline in your BCS numbers. In college football, a win 40-20 is better than a 3-0 win.

Can you imagine the Raiders winning the AFC West instead of the Denver Broncos because had higher margins of victory in their wins?

The entire concept of the BCS is a total joke and the arguments and debates that we’ve witnessed both prior to Monday’s game and now after should further illustrate that point.

Until the BCS is dramatically changed (and it doesn’t take a Harvard grad to come up with an eight team playoff format), there will continue to be criticism surrounding the sports’ most prestigious game.

Is that how this Alabama squad should be remembered? Do they want to be remembered as just another rook in the confusing chess game that is the BCS?

Is Alabama the actual national champions?

Or is it Oklahoma State?


I guess we should just congratulate all three?