Bag the Bowls

December 16, 2009 | Tom Federline

Thirty four (34) college football games in a 3 week span (12/19/09 – 1/7/10). A showcase of the most talented football teams in the country. A reward for eight months of hard work, diverting energies and free education. And they mean absolutely nothing. Alabama is a legit  #1, but they’re not playing Boise State or TCU this weekend to determine the real National Champion. Why is there a four week  lay-off between their last game of the season and when these boys get to play again? Why is the National Championship game not the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl? Why isn’t it played on New Years Day? Heck, the “predetermined” championship game is noteven a Bowl game, it’s called the Citi National Championship …………… game. Bogus!

Here comes the “old school”. There was a time……..when there was only 10-12 Bowl games and 6 of them were played on New Years Day. I disagreed with the 1 month lay-off then and I still do. One month? Are you kidding me? They’re asking these kids to remember a 100 page playbook, a month later? Hit, roll, run, catch, hit..Ok, they got it. But these boys have been programmed for 8 months as football machines and now you ask them to take a break, take a few tests (finals), minimal practice, no hitting, go home, then come back and win one for the Gipper. Yeah right. Some of them are lucky enough not even to have the same head coach they had all year. The games are meaningless. Uh-oh, hold on, wait-a-minute, it’s coming to me……….”Must Be the Money” –  (Nelly).

Bowl Games = Cash! Cash for the teams, cash for the schools, cash for the Conference, cash for the host city, cash for the sponsors, cash for the bookies. I’m all cashed out, they’re not getting mine. Well maybe the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. The what? Or the Insight Bowl. Insight to what? What happened to the Poulan Weedeater Bowl? At least the weedeater, is one of the greatest lawn tools ever invented! I think they replaced it with the pizza, forget yardwork/Bowl. All a joke. “Must Be the Money” – yeah………Nelly repeats it like 500 times.

IF, you are going to watch a game, watch the (Tostitos) Fiesta Bowl, TCU Horned Frogs (12-0) vs. Boise State Broncos (13-0). There’s your National Championship Game. Of which , once again they should be playing this weekend. They’ve had 2 weeks off. Oh yeah, that’s right, end of semester and finals. Sorry, had to get back up off the floor from laughing. Remember, (you have to scream this out while you read it) – “Must Be the Money”.

I am a big Boise State fan. It’s not because here is a “mid-major” school kicking everyone’s butt for the past 2 decades, or that they are well coached, or that they play with passion, or that the media hasn’t choked them with over-exposed coverage, etc. etc. It’s because they have the coolest playing field in Sports today! They simply call it “The Blue”. It is awesome! The Bronco Stadium in Boise Idaho, is on my list of must see venues. And I have to experience it, when it snows! If you haven’t seen it, watch the “Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl”, (12/30), ESPN, Idaho vs. Bowling Green. Hint – you may want to go with Idaho on that one. Remember, these games are not fixed and (scream it), “Must Be the Money”.

Bag the Bowls gang. Not worth your time. Even if it’s your alma mater. Unless your lucky enough to be going to the Bowl game and using it as an excuse to blow-off bogus Christmas parties you feel obligated to go to, just  because it’s the Holidays. The games are bogus. In fact because of the lay-off, could actually be injury threatening to the boys. Prediction for the Thursday night game, of which I will not watch, Alabama should “Roll Tide” all over Texas. Unless of course Texas gets the same game clock crew. Give me the Rose Bowl, on New Years Day, USC vs. UCLA, fire in the fireplace, quality time with my daughter and I don’t have to work the next day………..I be in paradise. Happy Holidays and as always PEACE.