Local College Football

September 26, 2008 |

Gordy Combs and the Towson Tigers had their crack at it earlier this year when they faced Navy, and now it’s time for Don Hill and the Morgan State Bears to take a swing at it.

The Bears take on the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers on Saturday at 3:30. The Bears lost to Combs’ Tigers in the season opener, but have been impressive in two wins following the season opening lost.

The Bears defense is modeled after the Cover 2 defense that Defensive Coordinator Alonso Lee learned from Tony Dungy.

The Bears have scored four touchdowns on defense in three games, and they love to have meetings at the quarterback.

The offense is led by junior running back Devon James and an offensive lined nicknamed “The Trench Mob.”

This is probably the best year for the Bears to stage an upset over a BCS school. Rutgers is struggling, and they haven’t been able to stop the run at all.

Let’s cheer for Baltimore as the Bears feature eight key players from our metropolitan area.

Happy Chicken Box Friday and Happy College Football Saturday.