Sad End to a Stellar Coaching Career

November 11, 2011 | Marty Mossa

Who could have thought it would end like this?  If someone wrote this script for a movie, he’d be thrown out head first.  But it did happen.  And for Penn State it’s not a nightmare they can wake up from;  it is reality.  I just keep shaking my head in total disbelief.

We all know the story line by now.  Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week; you know that a sex scandal has rocked the campus of Penn State University.  Legendary college football coach Joe Paterno was fired this past Wednesday because he didn’t report sexual misconduct by an assistant coach. 

Now sex scandals have brought many men to their feet (no pun intended).  President Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 and presidential candidate Gary Hart’s bid was derailed in 1987.  We all remember “Reverend” Jim Bakker’s sex scandal in 1987 as well.

But this is beyond sexual misconduct.  Assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is “alleged” to have RAPED at least seven boys fifteen years of age and younger.  This “alleged” predator was caught in a shower “allegedly” RAPING a young boy by a 28 year graduate assistant in March of 2002.  His only action was to report the incident to Paterno.  Paterno then reported it to the athletic director.  Everyone along the way passed the buck and washed their hands clean of it.  Not once were the police notified about the incident. 

I don’t know about you, however if I saw a man RAPING a ten year boy, I think I’d go after him, or at the very least call 911 immediately.  This whole lack of concern and cover up was done in the name of saving a football program and a coaches’ reputation.  It eerily parallels the cover up the Catholic Church did with pedophile priests. 

SHAME ON YOU PENN STATE!  All that knew about this should be prosecuted for not reporting a crime.  God knows how many boys could have been saved if this “alleged” predator would have been reported and arrested in March of 2002.  

Joe Paterno joins a few who had stellar careers at their craft and crashed quickly.  Bobby Knight the legionary coach of Indiana from 1971-2000 (902-371) was forced out because of abusing players, and getting into physical altercations with people.  Tom Landry the only coach of the Dallas Cowboys for 29 years was fired by Jerry Jones after two super bowl titles, and a 270-178-6 record. 

Only a few weeks ago the college sports world was celebrating Joe’s 409th victory.  I always admired him and his Penn State Football Program.  But for me and most others; it won’t be the 409 victories I will remember him for.  No, I will remember him as the guy who allowed an “alleged” child molester to prey on innocent boys; putting himself and his program before those young boys.  Shame on you Joe!!!  Shame on you!!!