TERPS FOOTBALL UPDATE: Turner Will Not Transfer

August 20, 2008 |

Heather Dinch, the former Terps beat writer for the Sun, has confirmed that Maryland quaterback Chris Turner will not be transferring and will stay in College Park for the upcoming season.

A good blog from Heather regarding the situation:

Maryland backup quarterback Chris Turner isn’t going anywhere, his father confirmed.

Rumors have been flying about Turner possibly transferring after Jordan Steffy was named the starter on Monday, but John Turner admitted he just missed his son.

This is a good move for both Turner and the program for several reasons, but here are two that stand out:

1. He’s going to play. I’d be really surprised if the Terps make it through the entire season without him. And Josh Portis. And Jordan Steffy.

2. It would be difficult to transfer to a Division I school in California that would let him take over a starting job as a senior.

“He’s comfortable,” John Turner said. “He likes all of his friends. He’s not a quitter. The reason why I wanted him to come home is my dad, his grandpa just passed away. When you go through a death you kind of cling. That was it. We just wanted to be family. If that was it, just come on home. We miss him.”

Nothing wrong with that.

Emotions were flying high all around College Park — and in California — after this decision went down, and that’s understandable. Turner was the starting quarterback, and if he’s a competitor, he’d be upset it didn’t stay that way. He’s a gamer, but Steffy was the more consistent practice player.

As a coaching staff, Ralph Friedgen and James Franklin did what they had to do.

Now it’s Steffy’s turn.

Eventually, Turner will get his, too.


John Turner, an incredible Terps fan who is a frequent contributor on a Terps online community, is Chris’ father if that is not 100% evident from the interview.

This was a really tough decision for #10 and his father to make with many factors pulling him to California and many trying to keep him in College Park. I don’t think we can blame him for contemplating a transfer.

Thank God for us, Chris has decided to stay.