November 19, 2010 | Tom Federline

Cam Newton (Auburn University-QB) and Cam Cameron (Baltimore Ravens – Offensive coordinator) have scammed. Cam Newton and family have have been targeted for possibly scamming Mississippi State. Cam Cameron has scammed the Baltimore Ravens and fan base. They have put themselves in a position to be the beneficiaries of a scam – Cam Newton major recognition and potential Heisman Trophy (mega millions), Cam Cameron (big ole fat contract and job security). The recipients of the scams – Mississippi State Bulldogs (loss of recruit and “donor” monies), the Baltimore Ravens and fans (loss of hope). Who’s scammin’ who? Oh, the scamming world we live in. Cam this, Cam that, I’m sick and tired of hearing the name Cam or words that rhyme with Cam. Or at least until after this blog.

Scam One – Auburn Tigers scam a 21 year old, well traveled football star, away from Mississippi State. Cam Newton’s father supposedly scamming illegal payoffs from Mississippi State for his sons services. Auburn is 11-0, ranked 2nd in the country, the 21 year old flourishing. Mississippi State is 7 – 3, 3-3 in the SEC and fighting for a bowl bid. We don’t know the real story, I have only heard bits and pieces. True or false, the damage has been done. Corruption and stupidity rearing its ugly head. But wait-a-minute, we will get the story, because the FBI is conducting the investigation. College sports and the FBI in the same sentence? Are you kiddin’ me? Recruiting deal gone bad. Gee, haven’t heard that one before. Mississippi State take your whoopin’ like “good ole boys”. Feel good that you possibly contributed $180,000 towards Cam Newtons fathers church. Feel good that Mississippi State has helped build a venue for all the cheatin’, scammin’ SEC boosters to go confess their wrong doings. $180,000 from the Bulldogs and maybe Auburn put up $200,000? Could end up being a nice church.

Scam Two – Jim “To young to be Head Coach” Harbaugh hires unsuccessful former head coach to create new Ravens identity. I will give Scammin’ Cam Cameron some credit for his stay in San Diego as Offensive Coordinator. Not much the first 2 years here, then Cam – scams the owner and GM to go out and buy an offense. They do, they buy him the “pot-o-gold”, and now there are to many gold nuggets. Eight gold nuggets, a potential offensive juggernaut in the waiting and the “offensive coordinator”, QB “coach” (another unsuccessful head coach)  and a choking  “head coach” can’t get it started. Or at least, they haven’t yet. The talent of the players has exceeded the coaching abilities of the team! If the knucklehead trio of Harbaugh, Cameron and Zorn, can’t get it started again this week, stop the scammin’ and either let Flacco call the game or sacrifice Bulger. Currently, the Ravens are not  worth your time. You should feel scammed.

The Scammin’ Cams. Whenever there’s a scam, somebody gets the “cam” shaft. Bottom line – Auburn football is thriving and Cam Newton’s Heisman trophy candidacy, may get squashed due to negative pub. Preseason Super Bowl contender is currently floundering trying to find an identity. If Ravens stay current course, it’s going to be tough just to make playoffs. Is the scam worth it? Unfortunately in todays world, it is scam or be scammed. And that just ain’t right. So when the scams around you appear to becoming to prominent, it’s time to take a “Walk on the Wild Side” – (Lou Reed). Just be careful with your definition of “Wild”. Escape and divert your energies to good. A little less “Cam” and alot more action, may get me watching the Ravens again. Oh, and in College football, anybody but the SEC. Go Boise State!