Twas the Night Before Terps Football…

August 30, 2008 |

‘Twas the night before Terps football, when all through the state
Not a creature was stirring, as few would sleep late
As Rice scored another touchdown and SMU looked dead
Most sports fans headed right off to bed
The O’s were down big, not startling news
September was not a month for winning, stated Baltimore’s news
So it seemed as though all were calmly asleep
But what’s that I heard, just the slightest peep
The noise was quiet, barely noticeable at best
But some were awake, I can certainly attest
And then I looked closer, oh could it be?
Why yes, it was, what a sight to see!
Terps fans were still up, awake and united
A marvelous thing indeed, they were surely excited
Because they knew that tomorrow comes just once a year
The first pilgrimage to College Park for all far and near
A brand new experience, filled with old sights and sounds
Felt differently by each man, once he reaches the hallowed grounds
Then slowly reality gave way to dream
Vivid imagination with one common theme
It started with a bang, as signaled by Maryland’s Mighty Sounds
People cheered together, throughout the Free State’s towns
Then out came the boys, led by Barnes and Phil Costa
All assembled yelled loudly, like the boys of Valdosta
There were a trio a Williams’, there was Navarre and Haroon Brown
For all of our Terps, we felt so proud
Maryland was down early, the going was tough
And in the halftime locker room, Friedgen shouted “Enough!”
The night before, Friedgen was too nestled snug in his bed
But visions of cooked Hens danced in the coach’s head
He yelled, “We may be down early, but what is Maryland about?
To Delaware, we will certainly not lose in a rout”
“I challenge you team leaders to make a big play
It is time for you to save this holy Saturday”
“We’ve worked too damn hard to play like this
This is an opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss”
Inspired and ready, Darrius spoke
He said, “We know that this play is broke”
“Jordan go out and give me the ball
Defense, it is time for you to stand tall”
“The one thing that sets Terps football apart
Is that we are the team that always plays from the heart”
“So let’s go out and win this game
The ACC Championship is ours to claim”
So the Terps took the field, the fans could feel it
The boys truly had a whole new spirit
Towards the end of the game, the score was tight
But then one model Terp showed his might
Away to Heyward-Bey, he flew like a flash
Tore open the defense, and had a touchdown dash
With that, our Terps’ fans awoke from their sleep
To see that the alarm clock, had not yet beep
Nighttime it still was, outside it was dark
Once again no sounds were head, except the stray bark
Still more than 12 hours until the season was here
Still so much time until summer blues disappear
My story is done, but I’ll leave you with this
Come to College Park yourself, to see the excitement that will truly exist
Happy Football Season and Go Terps!
Maryland takes on Delaware tomorrow at Chevy Chase Bank Field at Byrd Stadium in College Park, Maryland. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:45.
Due to the change in scheduling of the LSU-Appalachian State game, the Terps game will be shown live on ESPNU as well as ESPN.
My quick prediction: Maryland never does well in early season out-on-conference games especially as of late. The Terps always win, but never blow inferior teams out or look especially impressive. For Maryland to do that this time, 3 things need to happen
1) Jordan Steffy has to make big plays downfield to his big-time wide receivers.
2) Maryland’s defense needs to get off the field on 3rd down.
3) Maryland needs to not just win but DOMINATE in the trenches against smaller Delaware offensive and defensive lines.
I think those things will happen to an extent, so I think the Terps will win comfortably. 34-14 Terps