February 08, 2009 |

Terps Coaching News:   Good move by the University of Maryland to name James Franklin as the eventual successor to Ralph Friedgen.  The internet rumors about Fridge’s health and age were going to be used against him in recruiting; now that is not going to be an issue. 

Franklin is a bright, young mind and most importantly a great recruiter.  Once he gets the right personnel in to run his West Coast offense, you’ll see Maryland take off.   He knows the University well and its boosters.  He gets three more years of apprenticeship under Friedgen before he most likely takes over the program.

The admistration at Maryland also needs to be applauded for seeing the talent and character that Franklin possess and not color of his skin.  Too many collegiate presidents and ADs haven’t been able to get past this barrier–witness Auburn and its embarrassing pass on Turner Gill for its head coaching position.   If Franklin were to take over tomorrow, he would be one of eight African Americans out of 119 Division I programs.  Shameful.

Pro Bowl:  Instead of moving the Pro Bowl from Hawaii to the site of the Super Bowl, the NFL should just cancel the thing all together.  Players love the vacation, not the game.   Name an All-Pro squad, give them a bonus, and let that be the end of it.  The game is silly, with rules that are only used once a year.  The NFL does almost everything right, but this game is the one thing that it does wrong.  Without question, the worst All-Star game in sports.  

The Orioles Rotation:  Here is my projected starting rotation for the Orioles:  Jeremy Guthrie, Rich Hill, Koji Uehara, Mark Hendrickson, and either Chris Waters, Radhames Liz or Matt Albers.   Palmer, McNally, Cuellar and Dobson they are not.  The big questions are can they give enough innings to keep the bullpen from breaking down in May and enough of a bridge until young prospects Jake Arrieta, Brad Bergesen, Chris Tillman and Brian Matusz  are ready for the big league level.    

Remember we just don’t want young pitchers; we want young pitchers who are ready to pitch at that level.