Fantasy’s Back – Free Money Up for Grabs

February 13, 2009 | Thyrl Nelson

WNST and are once again in the fantasy sports business. For those who have been suffering from fantasy sports withdrawal, WNST’s fantasy offerings are back, and soon to be in full swing. The NASCAR season begins on Sunday, and $2500 in cash prizes are on the line in our Fantasy NASCAR Sweepstakes.


If you haven’t signed up already, what are you waiting for? What do you have to lose? Nothing, with no entry fee to play, it will only cost you 2 minutes of your time to get signed up. It will also give you the jump on registration for baseball and golf, both coming in April, and of course for fantasy football too.


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There’ll be a relatively small number of players to compete against, and it’s easy to play. You simply pick the top 10 finishers in each week’s race, and get 100 points for each driver that you successfully predict in the top 10. You also get bonus points for any driver whose exact finish you predict correctly.


It’s easy to manage too. If you set a lineup today, and never go back to the game again, your lineup will carry over through the season. The 3 highest single week scores will walk away with the money, so you can get in at any time, but the earlier you do it, the more chances you’ll have to submit that winning lineup.


You may even find that it gives you a reason to watch a sport that you wouldn’t otherwise watch, and a rooting interest too. That’s what happened to me last season.


I’ve always considered myself a baseball, football and basketball guy with interests in boxing and MMA. I also have always been a guy who’d be interested in just about anything that gives you an excuse to make a wager. When it comes down to it, no sport may be more conducive to gambling than NASCAR racing.


Odds are, even if you don’t watch racing, you know who the good drivers are, just go and pick 10. Or you could take the lottery style approach and simply pick your favorite numbers. Draw them out of a hat if you’d like, just pick 10 drivers.


After you’ve selected your 10, print them out so you’ll remember, and watch the race on Sunday. What else is there to do this Sunday? At least make time to watch the last 100 laps. After that, if you can’t get into it, you just can’t. Baseball will be here soon enough.


Unlike other sports, NASCAR puts their biggest event at the beginning of the season. (I never quite bought the Superbowl analogy, but in a sport where the championship could potentially be sewn up before the last event, things are a bit different.) In any regard, it’s sure to be an entertaining race, and will be even more so, if it sets you on the way to walking away with your share of the $2500 in cash.


Sign Up And Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!


I challenge you to pick a lineup and watch the race and not enjoy it. Even if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll still have a lineup set, and won’t have to do anything else with it for the remainder of the season if you don’t want to. You could still wind up being pleasantly surprised once the season winds down.