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June 20, 2009 | Thyrl Nelson

If you haven’t yet signed up for the fantasy racing game, now is the time. There’s free money on the line, and less than 350 people to compete against. We’re almost at the midway point in the season, but the money is still very much up for grabs.


If you are afraid that you don’t know enough about NASCAR to have a chance, you couldn’t be more wrong. And if you’re afraid that you’re too late in joining to have a realistic shot at the money, wrong again.


Playing is easy, you simply click on the link to enter the contest, register a user name, and you’re in. If you already have a user ID from one of the other WNST fantasy games, you can simply go to the NASCAR page and sign in to begin playing.


Once you’ve registered, simply drag and drop the names of the 10 racers that you predict will finish in the top 10. Even if you don’t know much about racing, surely you’re familiar with 10 drivers. Failing that, you can always simply go with your favorite numbers.


You’ll receive 100 points for every driver that you successfully predict in the top 10, and additional bonus points for picking the exact finish of any driver. And the best part is that the money is going out based on the highest single week score, so signing up today, and finding yourself in the money by Monday is completely realistic.


The race starts tomorrow at 2 pm, so get there now, and get your entry filled out.


For my picks this week, I looked at the field and went with the 10 drivers with the highest average finishes at Sonoma. They were Juan Montoya (3.5), Cint Bowyer (8.0), Jeff Gordon (9.3), Ryan Newman (9.4), Tony Stewart (10), Mark Martin (10.1), Greg Biffle (14), Kyle Busch (15), Elliott Sadler (15.8), and Denny Hamlin (16.3). These are my top 10.


In order to determine the order of finish, I ranked those 10 guys in 4 categories: average finish at Sonoma, average finish on road courses in general, starting position, and place in the current standings. After ranking each driver 1-10 in each of these categories, I added the rankings together, with the lowest numbers first, to determine my finishing order.


Here are my picks, along with their rankings amongst the group in avg. finish at Sonoma, avg. finish on road courses, place in the current points standings and starting position:


1. Tony Stewart (5,2,1,1) = 9

2. Jeff Gordon (3,5,2,3) = 13

3. Ryan Newman (4,3,3,7) = 17

4. Mark Martin (6,6,5,2) = 19

5. Juan Pablo Montoya (1,8,8,5) = 22

6. Kyle Busch (8,1,6,8) = 23

7. Clint Bowyer (2,10,9,6) = 27

8. Greg Biffle (7,7,4,10) = 28

9. Denny Hamlin (10,9,7,4) = 30

10. Elliott Sadler (9,4,10,9) = 32


Feel free to use mine if you like, since I can’t win anyway, or come up with your own picks. Either way, get registered and get in line for this money. The highest single week score is walking away with $1250 in cash, second place is getting $750, and third place is getting $500. It could be you.


Here are the marks to beat if you hope to get into the money:


1st – Broham’s – 1175 pts.

2nd – Mervin 901 – 965 pts.

3rd – WB3GXW – 940 pts.


Good Luck and What Are You Waiting For?


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