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October 30, 2012 | Tom Federline

RUKM? First of all, do not ever try this. Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Superstorm “Sandy”, done walloped the mid-atlantic and during her display of power, provided some opportunities for thrill seekers down the ocean. Thrill seekers? More like death wish on a board. The pictures available on the Internet from Ocean City, Maryland are amazing, devastating, cool and heart wrenching all at the same time. When I saw the pics of these boys taking advantage of a “once-in-a-lifetime” event, (there’s those Talking Heads again), I first shook my head and said “Crazy—–Nutballs”, then immediately after said – “what an intense rush.” The superstorm wreaked havoc on the entire eastern 1/3 of the country and evidently also provided some angry surf challenge for a few of the “brave” locals. 

I cannot surf. I tried once in my younger years, but for some reason did not pursue it. As much time as I spend in the ocean, you would have thought I would be all over it. I can water ski, knee – wake – and boogie board. I enjoy body surfing the most. Then finally I bought myself some “Fins” and discovered a whole new ballgame. I can actually cut the wave, ride in the barrel and semi-survive. I just haven’t  taken the time to have someone teach me the long board. Maybe that goes on the “Bucket List”. After viewing some of these shots during “Sandy”, I saw more evidence of maybe why I have used my better judgement. I do have to give props to these guys in the pictures. Here’s my stretch of surf lingo – How “stoked” those boys must have been to experience those “drops” off those “bombs” and survive. When you hear them say – “Killer Wave”, they mean it…………literally.” The Ocean” – (Led Zepplin), ALWAYS lets you know who is in charge. Mother Ocean shows no mercy.

How cool it must have been to experience that kind of surf in your own backyard. Cool, but extremely dangerous. Obviously those talented young men were quite the seasoned vets. I’ll even give them credit for an attempt at “safety”? In their slideshow, they did have a “spotter/tow-in” on a jet ski. These pics were labeled as taken on Sunday. Those boys got guts (to put it lightly). Taking positive advantage during a negative situation. Monster surf, heck large swells, are  NOT for the meek, inexperienced, once/twice a year foam boarder.  

Ocean City took a hit. How much of a hit, is yet to be determined. I do not believe another inlet was formed. But there is serious flooding and property damage. A wake up call to all of those who care to heed the warning. That island down there is pretty fragile. Take an airplane ride next time you visit. Even just a Para-sail and you’ ll see a birds eye view of a vacation destiny ripe for disaster. “Sandy” packed quite a punch. It appears OC absorbed a few rough rounds but remained standing.

Hopefully those young lads didn’t take on to much of a “Wipeout” – (The Safaris). I remember as a kid watching the surfing championships from The Pipeline at Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. I remember as a kid wishing I could experience that ride. I remember going down da ocean hun for vacation and spending 8 hours a day on my “rubber/blow-up” raft and chewing my chest all up, to where it was raw. I always wondered if OC would ever experience those kind of waves and if it did how would it survive? Well the OC Surf was up Saturday, Sunday and yesterday. Not to Pipeline extremes, but for a few brave souls during “Sandy” – those boys will have stories for a lifetime. “That’s just extremely tight – dudes.”




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  1. JC Says:

    Somehow you managed to weave hurricane Sandy, Led Zeppelin, and Jim McKay’s coverage of the Duke Kahanamoku surfing classic on the Wide World of Sports into a somewhat coherent blog.

    Once again we see how even the harshest weather events can provide an opportunity for the creative sports enthusiast. We had to settle for snow football or hockey as kids, and had to experience the forces of mother nature at the beach without the benefit of fins and rash shirts. But heck we thought we were living large. What did we know? we were kids.

    Let’s hope that the Orioles’ hurricane that was the 2012 season ends up washing ashore an ace for the staff, a second baseman, a left fielder, and a first baseman that doesn’t strike out 200 times a year for his $10 million. At least we can hope that we will no longer have to overpay for decent free agents to get them to come to Baltimore.

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    Young ,dum,and full of C**!

  3. Fedman Says:

    Thanks for the props, on my weave attempt. Would that be the Harlem Globetrotter “Weave”? Earl Weave(r)?
    Orioles Hurricane? Nah, more of a “Shock Wave”. They were relentless though. One thing they will not have going for them….they won’t be a surprise next year.
    O’s roster – The surprise at first/UVA strike out king will be taking a pay cut, IF he returns. They have 2 left fielders in McClouth and steroid boy Reimold. 2nd base is solid defensively (be nice to have a little better bat). Pitching is fine. More consistent power in the middle of the line-up to protect the “nucleus” of the club and watch out.
    Thanks for the feedback. Keep ’em rolling.


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