Assessing Ravens at bye with WNST crew in Pittsburgh

October 20, 2013 | WNSTV

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  1. Steelers Fan (Towson) Says:

    For weeks, all I’ve heard is Steelers are horrible. What happened? You use to have a good franchise. Mostly laughs and yucks. All the while I’d say – just wait, it’s a long season. I’d also tell them to wait – we play each other in Week #7. And so we did…and the Steelers won. I agree – the Steelers are NOT a very good team. A NOT very good team just beat the Ravens. I’m not sure what that makes the Ravens but Ravens fans…should be a bit more cautious in their over-zealous analysis of their team. I’m thinking 8-8 or 7-9 might be the target this year…tied with the Steelers. It’s one of those wash seasons.

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