College Football Preview: Bowl Projections edition

September 03, 2010 |


     For my final projection of the 2010 season, I will try to guess the 35 bowl lineup which begins December 18th. With that many bowls it is almost impossible to get it on the nose for any of them, but it will give you an idea of where your favorite team is on the totem pole. When you do something like this it brings into focus how much we need a playoff. It wouldn’t destroy the bowls. No one cares about the Little Caesars bowl now, they can continue to hold one once there is a playoff and nothing would change.


                                                                        PROJECTED 2010-11 BOWL LINEUP

                                              Dec. 18

New Mexico                         Louisiana Tech vs. Wyoming

Humanitarian                 Central Michigan vs. Nevada

New Orleans                    Tulsa vs. Middle Tenn. State

                                            Dec. 21

St. Petersburg                  Connecticut vs. Central Florida

                                                Dec. 22

Las Vegas                       Utah vs. Arizona State

                                              Dec. 23

Poinsettia                   Navy vs. TCU

                                             Dec. 24

Hawaii                           Hawaii vs. Southern Miss

                                                    Dec. 26

Little Caesars              Bowling Green vs. Florida Atlantic

                                                  Dec. 27

Independence                Boston College vs. BYU

                                               Dec. 28

Champs sports           Notre Dame vs. North Carolina

Insight                              Northwestern vs. Missouri

                                                   Dec. 29

Eagle Bank                   Marshall vs. Louisville

Texas                                 Michigan vs. Kansas St.

Alamo                                Texas A&M vs. Stanford

                                                      Dec. 30

Armed Forces                UTEP vs. San Diego St.

Pinstripe                            Rutgers vs. Oklahoma State

Music City                           Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech

Holiday                                  Oregon St. vs. Texas Tech

                                                                Dec. 31

Meineke Car Care           Clemson vs. Pittsburgh

Sun                                              UCLA vs. Miami (FL)

Liberty                                     Houston vs. Mississippi

Chick Fil-A                              Virginia Tech vs. Georgia

                                                                Jan. 1

Dallas Classic                       Illinois vs. SMU

Outback                                     Michigan St. vs. South Carolina

Capital One                              Wisconsin vs. Arkansas

Gator                                            Iowa vs. LSU

                                                    Jan. 6

GMAC                              Troy vs. Ohio U.


Cotton                        Nebraska vs. Auburn

                                               Jan. 8

Papa Johns                    Cincinnati vs. N. Illinois

                                                                Jan. 9

Kraft Fight Hunger        Fresno St. vs. Arizona

                                      BCS GAMES

                                                   Jan. 1

Rose                      Oregon vs. Ohio State

Fiesta                    Texas vs. West Virginia

                                             Jan. 3

Orange              Florida State vs. Boise State

                                             Jan. 4

Sugar                        Florida vs. Penn State

                                                       Jan. 10

National Title           Alabama vs. Oklahoma



                 OK, there is my crystal ball.     Alabama 27-21 in the title game.