College Football review, preview and bowl projections

December 05, 2009 |


     This week instead of a Top 25 which is essentially useless. I’ll post a projected bowl lineup. before you get too worked up this bowl projection will include a couple of upsets today. Pitt over Cincy and Alabama over Florida.


                   LAST WEEKS PICKS                                REAL RESULTS

Tennessee 24       Kentucky  21                          Tennessee   30-24

Oklahoma  35    Oklahoma St.  31                    Oklahoma   27-0

South Florida    22     Miami  (FL)  19                Miami   31-10

BYU   38                      Utah       28                                      BYU   26-23

Arkansas  28                 LSU     24                                 LSU   33-30

BC   33                          Maryland  17                              BC    19-17

 Navy  38                    Hawaii    30                                 Hawaii   24-17

Hopkins   27           Thomas More  21                     Hopkins   31-29

5 and 3. That about sums up my picks for the year. More than half correct, but not by much. I would have felt a lot better about this weeks picks if Arkansas had held on.


Best BCS Team of the Week:  Mississippi St.

  The Bulldogs salvaged a poor season , with an absolute thrashing of their in state rivals at Ole Miss.

Best non-BCS Team of the Week:  Wyoming

  They had a great fourth quarter to edge Colorado State and get the Cowboys back into a bowl in Dave Christensen’s first season.

Best Individual performance of the Week: Toby Gerhart, RB Stanford

  He continues to make himself a serious Heisman threat. He rushed for 205 yards and 3 TD’s and threw for another in Stanford’s come from behind win against Notre Dame.


                                TOP 5 GAMES OF THE WEEK

5.   East Carolina   (8-4)              vs.                     Houston   (10-2)

My Pick:     Houston   33-24

4.      Clemson  (8-4)                  vs.                       Georgia Tech  (10-2)

My Pick:      Georgia Tech  31-21

3.         Nebraska  (9-3)                 vs.                        Texas     (12-0)

My Pick:           Texas  24-7

2.        Pittsburgh   (9-2)               vs.                  Cincinnati   (11-0)

My Pick:   Pitt   27-20

1.               Alabama   (12-0)          vs.                      Florida    (12-0)

My Pick:     Alabama  24-21

                                         LOCAL GAME

   Johns Hopkins  (10-2)      at    Wesley     (12-0)

My Pick:  (why not?)  Hopkins  28-24

                               BOWL PROJECTIONS

12/19   New Mexico              Fresno St.  vs.  Wyoming

St. Petersburg                         Connecticut   vs.  Central Florida

12/20  New Orleans            Troy  vs.  East Carolina

12/22   Las Vegas                  BYU  vs.  California

12/23   Poinsettia                  Utah  vs.  Arizona

12/24    Hawaii                        SMU    vs.  Nevada

12/26   Emerald                     Boston College  vs. Oregon St.

Little Caesars                        Ohio U.  vs.  Middle Tennessee St.

Meineke Car Care               Cincinnati    vs.   Miami  (FL)

12/27  Music City               Kentucky     vs.   North Carolina

12/28 Independence       Georgia     vs.   Iowa State

12/29  Eagle Bank               Marshall    vs.  N. Illinois

Champs Sports                      Clemson   vs.  Northwestern

12/30  Holiday                       USC    vs.   Nebraska

Humanitarian                     Idaho   vs.  Bowling Green

12/31      Sun                       Oklahoma   vs.  Stanford

Texas                                     Navy     vs.   Texas  A&M

Insight                                   Minnesota   vs.  Missouri

Armed Forces                   Air Force    vs.   Southern Miss

Chick Fil-A                         Virginia Tech  vs.   Tennessee

1/1   Outback                       Wisconsin  vs.    Auburn

   Gator                                      Florida State vs. West Virginia

Capital One                          Penn State   vs.   LSU

Rose                                          Ohio State   vs. Oregon

Sugar                                        Florida    vs.   Pittsburgh

1/2  Cotton                           Mississippi   vs.  Oklahoma St.

International                   Temple   vs.   Rutgers

Papa Johns                           South Florida  vs.  South Carolina

Liberty                                    Houston   vs.   Arkansas

Alamo                                     Michigan St.  vs.  Texas Tech

1/4   Fiesta                            Iowa     vs.    Boise State

1/5   Orange                         Georgia Tech   vs.   TCU

1/6   GMAC                            C. Michigan    vs.   UCLA

1/7  National Title            Alabama   vs.   Texas