College Football Week 8 preview

October 24, 2009 |


   Florida and Alabama are 1 and 2 in the BCS rankings. Texas is just waiting for one of them to lose, which has to happen eventually. Boise St. and TCU are dreaming of undefeated seasons. USC knows they are right back in this thing. College Football is beginning to sort itself out and week eight will be the next step along this journey.



                                 TOP FIVE GAMES OF THE WEEK

5.       Connecticut    (4-2)   at     West Virginia    (5-1)   Noon   ESPNU

   This would be an important game along the road to the Big east championship anyway, but this game has obviously taken on a different meaning. The Huskies first game back after the killing of Jasper Howard will be emotional. West Virginia is the better team and will move the ball, once the Huskies come down from their emotional high to start the game.


           PICK:     West Virginia   31-14

4.     Oregon St.  (4-2)     at   Southern Cal  (5-1)      8:00

  Revenge supposedly will be on the minds of the Trojans. I think just winning and keeping themselves as the top one loss team in the BCS is a little more important. The Beaver offense is very potent and can give USC lots of trouble. I just think USC is too focused. They already dropped their soft game this year. If I’m wrong and USC is focused on next weeks clash with Oregon already, then things could go wrong.


        PICK:     USC   42-31

3.     Boston College  (5-2)    at Notre Dame  (4-2)   3:30  NBC

     Boston College has won 6 in a row (it seems like more) against the Irish. They played extremely well last week against NC State. But they have been found lacking when they stepped up against better teams this season. Notre Dame can’t play in a boring game, so this will probably be no different. they are in the must win portion of their schedule if they plan on playing in a BCS game. I think Jimmy Clausen will rise to the occasion…. again.


    PICK:    Notre Dame   27-20

 2.     Penn State   (6-1)    at   Michigan   (5-2)    3:30   ABC

  The Nittany Lions can’t lose another Big ten game if they want to go back to the Rose Bowl. It begins here against Michigan. The Wolverines have impressed with improved play this year, but they still dropped games to Michigan State and Iowa before destroying Delaware State last week. Penn State has the better defense, if they can adapt to Michigan’s spread offense they should be able to score enough for the victory.


          PICK:   Penn State  23-17

1.       Texas Christian   (6-0)    at  Brigham Young  (6-1)  7:30   VS

    As someone that grew up going to 1-AA football games, I love it when the smaller guys get the big spotlight. The winner of this game is in the drivers seat for the MWC crown and very likely could end up playing one of the big boys in a bowl. Last year TCU was able to stifle BYU’s offense at home. Now they travel to Utah, but the keys to the game are the same. TCU has a suffocating defense that has already proven it can stop teams like Clemson, BYU has a freewheeling offense that can put up alot of points. Which one will give. It’s tough because I think both teams want and need this game, and they both have the tools for victory. It’s almost a coin toss.


                 PICK:     BYU   24-23

                                                LOCAL GAMES

      Maryland   (2-5)    at    Duke   (3-3)      1:30

   This Duke team isn’t quite the patsy that years past has been. Coach David Cutcliffe has them playing improved ball. Maryland has not been able to put together many full games this year and it has cost them. They need another win, before too much discord bubbles up in the program. For some reason I think they get it.


                PICK:   Maryland  27-17

    Wake Forest  (4-3)     at        Navy  (5-2)       3:30     CBS College

      There is a reason for backup QB’s. Sometimes they have to play. In this case Kriss Proctor steps in for Navy. If they were playing a lesser defense I would give him the benefit of the doubt; but without Ricky Dobbs I don’t see Navy winning this game.


              Pick:  Wake Forest  31-14

      Towson   (2-4)   at Northeasren  (0-6)    1:00

 These are the games the Tigers can win. They will get blown out in probably every game after this win. So hopefully the Tigers can pull this one out against a depleted Northeastern squad.


        PICK:      Towson  21-17

            Morgan St.   (5-1)     at   Delaware St.  (1-4)    1:00

  A few years ago Delaware St. was the cream of the MEAC crop, but a new wind is blowing through the HBCU conference. Morgan’s defense was excellent again in a nationally televised game against Howard last week. In all honesty the Bears offense is quite lacking, but so far it hasn’t mattered. I don’t expect it to matter today.


          PICK:  Morgan   17-7