Is the BCS Conquering the College Bowl System?

April 27, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

The second interesting note (for me at least) is that for all of the negatives we can point to about the BCS so far, it has righted a decades old football wrong and acknowledged the SEC at long last. For years before the BCS it was generally acknowledged that the SEC was the best football conference in the country, but it was unlikely to crown many national champions because of the rigors of the schedule and the conference’s tendency to cannibalize itself. The BCS has eliminated that. But now, as a result of Alabama playing in the title game despite not winning their division much less their conference title, and as a result of little engines that could like TCU and Boise State never getting their shots, conference commissioners are on board to shake things up a bit.


The conference commissioners are ready to do away with automatic qualifications for champions of certain conferences and they’d like to restrict the title game to champions of some conference only, no more inter-conference match-ups in the title game. All playing into he grand BCS plan for world domination.


Whether the BCS calculated this strategy from their very beginning and pragmatically planed their work and worked their plan, or they just found themselves in this position of power by fortune alone, the BCS has unleashed a covert, semi-hostile, infiltration and takeover of a system that most of us conceded to be too powerful to take down. Moreover, they did it slowly and methodically before our eyes and under our noses without ever playing their hands too soon. It’s a methodology that Machiavelli or Sun Tzu would be proud of. And as it relates to the bowl system that held the national title hostage forever and have always seemed poised to do so, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of people.


Lastly, if the BCS powers that be are really as smart as I imagine them to be, they’re also likely well aware of the fact that we’ll never be happy with the process. From 4 teams we’ll ask for 8 and when we get it we’ll demand 16. We include 68 in the NCAA basketball tourney, and we fight over numbers 69 and 70 and 71.


I’m sure they not only know that, they’re probably poised to use it against us. After all conceding the argument isn’t exactly the BCS style.