NFL ,Take it to the Bank, dead solid predictions

September 10, 2009 |


    Just so that it’s out there before game 1. Here are my picks for the 2009 NFL season. By now, we all know whatever I say goes. So you can just take these picks lock’em away and take them out in January and see my perfection. I mean by picking Oklahoma to go undefeated I’ve already blown my one wrong call for the year, so these should be untouchable.  Anyway, here are my thoughts. Don’t hesitate to let me know how wrong I am.


             NFC                                                                                 AFC

                                   ( Bold Teams make the playoffs)


1.    Philadelphia                                                          New England

2.     NY Giants                                                                 Miami

3.      Dallas                                                                            NY Jets

4.    Washington                                                                 Buffalo



1.    Minnesota                                                           Pittsburgh

2.    Chicago                                                                   Baltimore

3.    Green Bay                                                               Cincinnati

4.     Detroit                                                                     Cleveland



1.    New Orleans                                                           Indianapolis

2.     Atlanta                                                                      Tennessee

3.     Carolina                                                                         Houston

4.      Tampa Bay                                                                  Jacksonville



1.      Arizona                                                                       San Diego

2.       Seattle                                                                           Denver

3.      San Francisco                                                             Oakland

4.      St. Louis                                                                       Kansas City


       Wild Card Round

  Arizona   over    Atlanta                      Indianapolis over Baltimore

 NY Giants  over  New Orleans           San Diego   over  Tennessee


        Divisional Round

Minnesota  over   NY Giants                   San Diego  over  Pittsburgh

 Philadelphia  over   Arizona             New England over Indianapolis


            NFC/AFC Championships

Minnesota   27    Philadelphia  17      

New England  34    San Diego   24


            Super Bowl

Two certain Hall of Famers will make this a Super Bowl to remember. At least in the pre-game hype. The only difference is that NE will expect much more out of Brady than the Minnesota offense needs from Favre. But we all know Brady can deliver. As much as this pick pains me………….

   New England    24           Minnesota   17