Penn State Sanction: A Mixed Bag

July 23, 2012 | Marty Mossa

The Penn State “Sanctions” came as a mixed bag of good, not good, and plain ridiculous. Please make no misconceptions, I was all for the stiffest penalty that could be given. The Penn State University football program should have received the “death” penalty.

I agree with the $60 million fine, the taking away of scholarships and the four year hiatus from bowl games. But to take away the wins from 1998 to 2011 was totally ridiculous. Let’s take away Pete Rose’s hitting record because he bet on baseball. Let’s take some sacks away from Lawrence Taylor for he is a convicted child molester. The rape of little boys and the cover up had nothing to do with wins and loses.

Let’s face it, the Penn State Football program is a cash cow for the NCAA. A two year “death” penalty would have people not watching their games, no sponsors, the networks don’t want. It was okay for the NCAA to impose the death penalty on SMU in the 1980’s. If SMU received the “death” penalty for their part in cheating, why can’t Penn State receive it for allowing little boys to get raped?

I agree with Penn State removing the Joe Paterno statue. The Paterno family should be mortified of how their father covered up the raping of little boys to protect the all mighty Penn State football program.

If I were in charge the following would have happened:
• Two years without football
• All records stay in tact
• Four Year Hiatus from Bowl Games
• No Football Scholarships for Four Years
• Stiff Fines

The NCAA needs to let all athletic programs beware that sports does not supersede human beings.

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  1. Erich Hawbaker Says:

    My first thought was also of Pete Rose. Even tho he’s not “in” the Hall Of Fame as an inductee, his stats are still recorded and acknowledged there. For them to now say that Penn State didn’t win those games is just plain ridiculous, and it’s a much bigger swipe at those players than their now-deceased coach. I’m all about throwing the book at the people who deserve it, but I also don’t want to see harm done to those who had absolutely nothing to do with this. To me, the answer would have been big fines for the university (with the condition that they can’t raise tuition to pay them) and a “house cleaning” within the program, but not the suspension/elimination of it. Hundreds of completely innocent parties are now going to suffer.

  2. Marty Mossa Says:

    I totally agree Erich. If it were a cheating scandal like spy gate, then yes you could have an argument into taking wins away. But as horrific as the raping of little boys was, it had nothing to do with wins and loses. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Thanks as always for reading my blog. Have a great summer.

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