Ray Rice Gets Paid, What Does this Mean for Flacco?

July 16, 2012 | Jeffrey Gilley

Ray Rice has been one of the most underpaid players in the NFL over the past few years.  Rice was threatening to hold out if he did not get a long term but the Ravens got the deal done before the deadline.

The deal is worth $40 million over five years with $17 million this season alone.  Rice certainly deserved the money last season.  In 2012, Rice had 2,068 all purpose yards and led the team in receptions with 76.  So will Ray Rice be worth $40 million over the next five years?  Of course he will.  But, expect the Ravens to protect their investment and use Bernard Pierce more.

While Rice is obviously the number one running back, the Ravens did trade up for Pierce in the third round and the NFL is transitioning to more of a two-back scheme.

So what does Rice’s deal mean for Joe Flacco?  Flacco is a free agent at the end of this season and has been asking for a new deal for some time.  Flacco is a very good quarterback but has yet to play in the Super Bowl.  If Flacco reaches or wins the Super Bowl in 2013, he will find himself with a nice contract worth $70 million or so.

Flacco’s deal is going to be tough in the first place.  Flacco is a good player but not in the upper echelon of quarterbacks as of today.  He believes he is the best and could be one of the best if, and only if he wins a Super Bowl.

More pressure is on Joe Flacco this year then ever before.  He is playing for a new contract and finally has a well rounded group of receivers that complement his skill sets.  Flacco also has the pressure of leading a team that has been to the playoffs for the past four years but failed to reach the Super Bowl.  He has gotten his team in position to win more often than not but other players have come up small in the biggest moments.


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  1. TommyPatchan Says:

    A Super Bowl win will do it for Flacco. That’s what it’s all about, and why people are starting to say Eli Manning is one of the top QB’s in the league.

  2. jpetrosino Says:

    What I saw in the last 3 Quarters against the Patriots in the playoffs has shone me that Flacco has made that next step up as a QB. I only hope the coaching staff opens things up like they did and not repeat the same predictable offense like in the 1st Quarter against the Pats. The Patriots AFC Championship game should be as blue print for the Ravens offense to follow.

  3. John Grevis Says:

    I hope They win the SB and Flacco is so great they have to pay him $80mil to keep him. It would mean alot if he can lead them to the Super Bowl 2013 world champions!

    Go Joe, go. Earn that dough.

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