Updated Top 25 and week 10 College football review

November 14, 2009 |


   The end of the season is near. It became official when two programs, Memphis and Western Kentucky, decided to axe their coaches. As someone that follows the Hilltopper program closely. it was about time. Some in the national media have criticized this move. But in a word ( or two) They’re wrong. Dave Elson had gradually weakened the program, even before their move to 1-A, and had shown no ability to make any improvements over their 3 years since.


                  THE NEW LAWSON LAMBERT TOP 25

1.     Florida                   9-0                                                

2.    Texas                     9-0

3.     Alabama              9-0   

4.      Boise St.              9-0  

5.       Cincinnati           9-0

6.        TCU                        9-0

7.      Ohio State              8-2

8.      Georgia Tech        9-1       

9.        LSU                             7-2

10.       Houston                    8-1   

11.         Oregon                       7-2

12.        USC                              7-2

13.        Utah                            8-1  

14.      Miami (FL)             7-2

15.       Pittsburgh              8-1

16          Iowa                         9-1

17.      Oklahoma St.       7-2

18.      BYU                           7-2

19.       Virginia Tech       6-3

20.      Penn State              8-2

21.       Wisconsin               7-2

22.     Auburn                      7-3 

23.      Arizona                    6-2

24.      Clemson                   6-3

25.      Oregon State           6-3


               LAST WEEKS PICKS                                     REAL RESULTS

Kansas   34        Kansas St.    27                                Kansas St.  17-10

Oklahoma   41   Nebraska   24                                 Nebraska   10-3

Oregon St.   27    California  24                                Oregon St.  31-14

Ohio State   14     Penn St.    13                                       Ohio St.  24-7

Alabama    20          LSU        10                                          Bama   24-15

NC State   31            Maryland  21                                 NC State  38-31

Notre Dame     34       Navy       14                                     Navy  23-21

William & Mary   31   Towson   7                                   W&M  31-0

Morgan  St.  17            Norfolk St.   7                             Norfolk  31-23

Johns Hopkins  28  Franklin&Marshall  24          Hopkins  51-13

             It was kind of a mixed bag for me this week. Mainly I needed to avoid Big 12 predictions. I’m also officially off the Morgan bandwagon.


  Best Game by a BCS Team:  Ohio State

  The Buckeyes had a lot of questions thrown their way this season. Questions about Jim Tressel’s big game coaching ability and questions about Terrelle Pryor’s QB abilities were high on the list. Both questions were at least partially answered by the beating Ohio State gave Penn State in Happy Valley. Ohio State is now in the drivers seat for a Rose Bowl berth.


   Best game by a non-BCS Team:   Navy

  Navy was able to prove that their victory in South bend two years ago was no fluke. In the process they might have ended Charlie Weis’ tenure at Notre Dame. The most impressive thing for the Middies was how an undersized defense shut down Jimmy Clausen and the Irish for the first 3 quarters.


   Best Individual Performance of the Week:  Case Keenum,  QB  Houston

   Case Keenum needs some love from this blog , period.  He could win this award every week. I think he should be the frontrunner for the Heisman, But this week was special. In a tough conference rivalry game at Tulsa, he brought them back from the brink of defeat with a couple of amazing drives in the fourth quarter. After the 51 yard field goal sailed through the uprights , that he made possible with a 15 second 40 yard drive, his stat line read 40-60  522 yards and 3 TD’s.