Was the Fake FG Attempt Right?

November 15, 2012 | Alex Schroeder

    Were the Ravens wrong for attempting the fake field goal with a 41-17 lead with 5:44 left in the third quarter?  To put it simply, no.  It’s the NFL; both teams are professionals… well mostly.  They get paid to stop the guys on the other team.  I don’t know what you think, but my take on winning a football game is to score as many points as humanly possible.  How do you know whether or not the guys on the other team are going to come back, any one play can spark a comeback.  We’ve seen crazier things happen before, if you disagree, just ask Warren Moon and the rest of the 1992 Houston Oilers. 
            Aside from trying to put more points on the scoreboard, the Ravens may have wanted to test out their gadget plays.  If it works in practice, great, but working in practice does not imply that it will work in an actual game.  I don’t know this for a fact, but maybe they wanted to test out one of these trick plays against an unsuspecting, professional team that actually wants to stop them, and NOT have it be the difference in the game.  Just the week before, Pittsburgh tried a fake field goal with Shaun Suisham, and it nearly cost them the game.  At the time, the Giants were winning 20-17 with more than 10 minutes left, and the Steelers just gave them the ball!  Fortunately for them (unfortunate for us), the Giants couldn’t do anything, and the Steelers won.  The point is, maybe the Ravens wanted to test out one of these plays in a game situation where it would be against a competitive NFL special teams unit, and not have it influence the final score.