Week 11 College Football Preview

November 14, 2009 |


      The season is rapidly falling into place. We know that Alabama and Florida have already clinched berths in the SEC title game. The winner of today’s Ohio St/Iowa game will almost surely go to the Rose Bowl. Cincinnati is two games away from being undefeated and TCU will have a serious beef if they beat Utah today and ever get jumped by a one loss team.


                                    TOP 5 GAMES OF THE WEEK

5.       Notre Dame  (6-3)   at Pittsburgh (8-1)    8:00   ABC

  Charlie Weis’  job is definitely on the line in these final games. The Irish will have a tough time with Dion Lewis, but their passing game should give Pitt problems. I think the Irish will be up for this prime time game.

        MY PICK:    Notre Dame   27-21

4.    Texas Tech  (6-3)     at   Oklahoma St.  (7-2)      8:00

   Not only will this game be an exciting all action affair. It will actually mean a little something. The Big 12’s 2nd and 3rd place teams get to go places like the Cotton Bowl and Holiday Bowl. These teams would like to go there rather than some lesser ones. I think Texas Tech may actually be playing better football right now than the Cowboys, but at home in , Zac Robinson will come through.

   MY PICK:    Oklahoma St.  38-30

3.      Stanford   (6-3)     at      USC      (7-2)         3:30

      Jim Harbaugh has done wonders at Stanford. He has great players like Toby Gerhart and he’s getting the most out of the rest. He has made it his purpose to needle USC. He actually has a team almost good enough to win this game….. almost, but the future is bright in Palo Alto.

   MY PICK:   USC  31-27

2.     Utah   (8-1)    at     Texas Christian  (9-0)    7:30      CBS College

   The Horned Frogs win this game and they are almost surely in a BCS game and if other teams falter, who know which one. Utah doesn’t want that. It isn’t cool when you do something amazing. Undefeated season, Sugar Bowl win; and then one of your rivals turns around and matches you the next year.

            MY PICK:    TCU        22-14

1.      Iowa   (9-1)      at    Ohio St.  (8-2)       3:30              ABC

   It really hurt the Hawkeyes to lose their leader last week in Ricky Stanzi. It will still sting, but the freshmen Vandenberg is a real good player. With a full week as the top guy , I think he will come to play this week. With the Rose Bowl at stake I expect a tremendous game, especially from both defenses.

            MY PICK:   Ohio State   24-20

                                             LOCAL GAMES

     Virginia Tech  (6-3)   at         Maryland   (2-7)      1:00

MY PICK:   Virginia Tech  31-21

      Delaware  (6-3)      at      Navy  (7-3)        3:30    CBS College

MY PICK:   Navy   33-17

        Villanova   (8-1)    at    Towson   (2-7)      1:00

MY PICK:   Villanova  44-10

         Morgan State  (5-4)   at  South Carolina St.   (8-1)    1:30

MY PICK:   SC State  33-10

        Johns Hopkins   (7-2)   AT   McDaniel   (5-4)     1:00

MY PICK:        Hopkins   27-17

         Maryland I think will compete with Virginia tech, but just isn’t good enough. Navy needs to guard against a let down after beating the Irish. Morgan and Towson are both overmatched this week; and Hopkins is one win over their rival the Green Terror from a NCAA bid.