Week 8 College football review and updated Top 25.

October 30, 2009 |


      As we head into November and crunch time in college football. Here is where we stand. Barring upsets it looks alot like it has looked for awhile. The SEC Champ versus Texas. But lets not jump ahead. It’s time to enjoy the games we have coming up. First lets look back at last week.



1.     Florida                   7-0                                                

2.    Texas                     7-0

3.     Alabama              8-0   

4.      USC                   6-1  

5.       Boise St.              7-0  

6.      Oregon                 6-1 

7.      LSU                        6-1

8.       Cincinnati           7-0   

9.        TCU                        7-0 

10.      Oklahoma St.     6-1

11.          Iowa                      8-0 

12.         Penn State           7-1  

13.         Georgia Tech        7-1  

14.      Ohio State              6-2

15.      West Virginia          6-1  

16      Houston                    6-1

17.      Notre Dame           5-2

18.      Utah                            6-1  

19.      Oklahoma                4-3

20.      Miami (FL)             5-2

21.       South Carolina       6-2

22.      Pittsburgh              7-1

23.      BYU                           6-2

24.    Central Michigan     7-1

25.       Navy                         6-2

  Best game by a BCS team:   Clemson

   The Tigers looked on their way to another lackluster, disappointing season. They may still be; but for one night they played a tremendous game. The Miami Hurricanes were ranked tenth in the country and in the drivers seat for an ACC title. Clemson squelched all of that last week. the Tigers came from behind 5 different times in the second half and overtime. No one thought the offenses led by youngster Kyle Parker could put up that many points, but they did. As a tease to my next team of the week, don’t forget that TCU held that offense to 10 points.



Best game by a non-BCS Team:    TCU

 I am going to take the Horned frogs for the second week in a row. They went into BYU’s backyard and gave them a butt-whuppin in a very important game. With this win TCU leaps ahead of Boise State in the race for the guaranteed non-BCS slot. They showed with their suffocating defense the same kind of toughness that Utah had last season. They will not be any easy out for whatever big boy gets them in January.


Best Individual Performance of the Week:  Christian Ponder, QB Florida St.

       Whatever you think of the year the Seminoles are having, you have to believe that they have finally found another good quarterback. Christian Ponder has been excellent all year, putting up huge numbers even in losses to Miami and Georgia Tech. After a lackluster first half, it looked like Florida State might drop their 5th game of the year. Ponder’s 33-40 passing for 395 yards and 3 TD’s said no to that and gave FSU fans something to be excited about.


                                                  LAST WEEKS GAMES

                 MY PICKS                                                             REAL RESULTS

West Virginia  31    Connecticut  14                   West Va.   28-24

 Southern Cal  42     Oregon State  31                       USC    42-36

Notre Dame   27    Boston College 20                        ND     20-16

   Penn St.   23         Michigan    17                               Penn St.    35-10

Brigham Young  24    Tex. Christian  23                 TCU    38-7

     I didn’t seem to give UConn enough credit, and gave way too much to Michigan, but my first four picks were fairly accurate. TCU/BYU was another story. TCU’s defense is more than just impressive, it is completely dominant. I think it is good enough to throttle possibly any offense in the country. Now we get to laugh at how bad my local picks were.


          Maryland   27     Duke   17                                 Duke 17-13

         Wake Forest   31   Navy   14                                Navy  13-10

           Towson  21        Northeastern  17                N’eastern   27-7

          Morgan State  17   Delaware St.  7               Del St.   35-22

    I had every local team winning but Navy. In reality Navy was the only winner; and what an impressive winner they were. With their second string QB playing the whole game, defense won the day for the Midshipman. Something for local fans to think about. The Wake Forest team that riddled Maryland’s D for 35 first half points, could only manage 10 against Navy. The most disappointing loss was probably Morgan’s whose defense gave up an uncharacteristic 35 points and probaly dropped them out of MEAC title contention.