Week Six College Football Preview

October 10, 2009 |


   On to week six of the college football season. Amazingly on the local front Morgan State is putting together a solid season so far. Johns Hopkins has regained their mojo after a week one loss; and Navy is putting together another bowl season. Maryland finally got a win over a 1-A program. It was a decent week to be a Baltimore college gridiron fan. Lets see if it will carry over this week.


                                TOP FIVE GAMES OF THE WEEK

5.     Oklahoma St.  (3-1)   at   Texas  A&M  (3-1)       12:30

   This game is big for both teams, for different reasons. The Cowboys want to show that even though they lost to Houston, they are Big 12 title contenders. The Aggies want to show that after a short absence they are back as a relevant program. When both teams want something, it often produces a great game.

   PICK:   Oklahoma St.  34-27

4.       Alabama  (5-0)    at Mississippi  (3-1)        3:30

   Why this is big is obvious. The Crimson Tide have national title aspirations. A win over SEC West rivals Ole Miss is crucial to that goal. Ole Miss had pretty lofty goals themselves at the beginning of the season. Their offense has been lackluster and now they have a terrific Alabama D.

PICK:   Alabama   27-10

3.    Michigan (4-1)    at   Iowa   (5-0)       8:00

     Both of theses teams still feel that they have something to prove. They have each had tremendous seasons so far, but to get to that next level they must win this game tonight.  Michigan is coming off a tough loss to in-state rival Michigan State. You have to wonder how that will effect their psyche. Iowa’s defense is solid, but they may need to score more points than they have to beat the Wolverines.

   PICK:    Michigan    22-17

2.    Wisconsin  (5-0)    at     Ohio State  (4-1)            3:30

      Ohio State needs to get back to the Rose Bowl and win a big national game. To do that they need to sweep through the Big Ten. Terrelle Pryor seems to be coming into his own over the last few weeks. The Badgers came into this season with coach Bret Bielema on the hot seat. He’s feeling alot more comfortable after the 5-0 start. Wisconsin’s offense is very vanilla, but RB John Clay is making that work.

    PICK:      Ohio State 24-14

1.      Florida  (4-0)    at     LSU    (5-0)         8:00

    This game has to be number one. It is the top ranked team in the country versus the fourth ranked team. A combined 9-0 record. Long standing rivalry between the schools. It has it all. All except a competitive game is what I think. Tebow or no Tebow, the Gators romp.

    PICK:    Florida   35-17

                                            LOCAL GAMES

            Maryland   (2-3)    at  Wake Forest   (3-2)      6:30

 The Terps need this win, but can they get it? Wake won the game 26-0 last season and Maryland is undeniably a worse team this year. I think it might get ugly for Ralph Friedgen today.

    PICK:    Wake Forest  30-10

    Navy  (3-2)     at    Rice   (5-0)         3:30

  The Midshipman get another very winnable game. Rice had a good squad last year , but suffered alot of losses; especially on offense. The Navy rushing attack should excel against a defense that is surrendering 40 points a contest.

   PICK:     Navy   44-17

   Towson   (1-3)   at   Rhode Island  (1-3)     1:00

  After getting embarrassed at home last week, Towson gets another shot at a CAA team. Rhode Island is a little bit more Towson’s speed. I think they can keep it competitive, but a victory might be asking too much.

   PICK:   Rhode Island  23-14

    North Carolina A&T (3-2)   at    Morgan St.   (3-1)    1:00

     Morgan is 1-0 in conference and looking to get off to one of their bet starts in recent (3o years) history. NC A&T is a beatable team. The Bears will have to win with a defense that has been pretty stern so far this year. they are getting little production from the offense, but in this game at least, they may not need it.

    PICK:   Morgan St.  17-9

     Johns Hopkins  (4-1)   at      Dickinson  (5-0)

  This game is for sole possession of first place in the Centennial conference. If Hopkins is to win QB Hewitt Tomlin needs to have a big game and keep the Dickinson D from keying on the running game. This game will be close, home field might provide the edge.

    PICK:  Dickinson  34-31