An open letter to Adam Jones (and anyone else who doesn’t like Orioles attendance)

August 31, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

the Ravens opener next Monday against the Cincinnati Bengals. I have enough love and time and energy for both teams.

I watch the Orioles play every night. And even though I’ve watched 125 games from my couch this summer, I’m only giving my money to the Ravens.

But I was in the backseat of my sister in law’s car in Manchester, New Hampshire four nights ago sitting alone with the car off and getting gnawed by mosquitoes listening to WBAL on her car radio while Nate McLouth walked with the bases loaded and following every pitch on mobile via’s scoreboard.

I’m all in — in spirit.

But I will not be giving Mr. Angelos any money this month or in October.

Major League Baseball says I’m credentialed for all postseason games. If I have a press seat in the playoffs, I’ll be there. If not, I’ll watch from television and see what Joe Buck thinks of Camden Yards if they get that far.

I hope the Baltimore Orioles do.

I’m pulling for you, Adam Jones and Buck Showalter and anyone else who is wearing orange and black. And if people come and fill Oriole Park at Camden Yards, then good for them and good for you. If they feel you’re worth their money – not just their time — they will.

But, Adam, you’re battling long odds and you should think before you tweet. And if you want people back in the stadium that’s going to be on you because Mr. Angelos doesn’t really care and it doesn’t affect his ability to write your $650,000 check every other Friday.

The owner has screwed virtually everyone in the city for 15 years. All of the businesses are gone because they were mistreated. The fans have stayed away because the team has consistently stunk. The community outreach of the franchise is a joke. The owner still doesn’t even greet the men he built statues for so how disingenuous is that?

And, Adam, if you’re a just a touch jealous of the relationship that Steve Bisciotti has with his players – sitting courtside with Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco at Maryland games – then you should’ve spoken up before you took his money.

All the fans who want to see a packed Camden Yards will get their wish next Thursday. The team already has 40,000 seats sold to get Cal Ripken statues and honor the King of Tufton Road and Aberdeen. Some Orioles Magic vs. the Yankees at a packed house next week will do wonders for what could be for the rest of September and beyond.

For some, all nights with memories of 2131 or the glory days of 1979 or 1983 or 1996-97 does is make them remember when they DID come to the ballpark regularly and help support the team with their wallets and their hearts.

And the fans felt a collective “thank you” from people like Cal Ripken and Brooks Robinson.

Baltimore sports fans have been taken for granted for three generations by franchise owners on all sides.

Here’s a memo to Adam Jones and anyone else who thinks Camden Yards should be full: the citizens of Baltimore owe you NOTHING in regard to giving you, the Orioles or Peter Angelos more money or disposable income.

Everyone knows Angelos is stealing $3 per month from their cable bill via MASN. All of us already PAY to watch Adam Jones play…even if we’re not watching the Orioles. Onto itself, that’s a freaking civic joke of biblical proportions and should be offensive to anyone with a brain.

Now that I truly examine the empty stadium situation, there isn’t any ONE reason people who

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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    I hear attendance is up 20% this year? Couple of comments about your history the Colts.Fans did show up to the games after Bert Jones reinvigorated the team in 74.75,76.and 77. It was only after the owner refused to pay the key players what they were worth, then traded them all away in 78 and 79 that the fans stayed home on Sundays. As for Adam Jones comment on Twitter. Hey Adam just hit more home runs and play the game don’t fret over empty seats.Its going to take a long time to get the older fans back in the seats and right now we have not won anything yet. It’s just Buck Ball until the fat lady sings.

  2. radar303 Says:

    10 cents a day to watch EVERY Oriole game in Hi-Def??? Hardly seems like stealing $3 a month to me. But hyperbole is hyperbole. In fact, the argument that MASN “sucking” 3/month out of our pockets is one of the reasons WHY people DON”T attend the games is counter intuitive and illogical. WATCHING the games on TV is closer to why people don’t attend.

    With Season Ticket sales so low that is the reason we have not seen the spike in attendance. It is always the following season after a successful campaign that we see the big increases. If we don’t see a huge gain NEXT YEAR than I would agree that the O’s will struggle to get to 2 million on a yearly basis.

    As a critique of the Orioles I would tend to think that the marketing staff is “out of ideas”, disillusioned and out of touch. This we can put a the feet of management. And to go even further I also they have bought into the idea that the fans are to blame for not showing up to support this very LIKEABLE team. That is a horrible stance.

  3. O's Man Says:

    A lot of people blame good TV coverage for lack of attendance, but it’s not fully true. The NFL really took off as a league and became our national pastime because of how accessible it is, and how easy it is to watch on TV. This created fans and now they show up.

    It could be argued that hockey has the opposite problem. It’s dreadful to watch on TV but so enjoyable in person, so that’s why attendance is near 100% for almost all the teams, including the Capitals getting tons of fans from Baltimore on school nights, with a longer drive, and more tolls to get to the stadium than we have to get to the Orioles.

    Which of those two categories does baseball fit under?

  4. Matt Says:

    Well written article Nestor. I give you credit for sticking up for the fans when a multi-million dollar athlete calls them out for not showing up. The part about showing face in the community and not counting taking $50 for an autograph session was hilarious, yet sadly true. I don’t feel one ounce of sorrow for someone getting paid that much money to play a game that in all honestly could care less about Baltimore.

  5. mattmoose Says:

    I think that Adam Jones should personally sponsor dollar dog days every sunday In the stadium. Its one of the main reasons why fans are not at the games. The food is to expensive.

  6. Chuck Says:

    Who cares about all the other stuff!!!! The Orioles are in the playoff hunt. And this team has busted their tail. Let’s get out there and support them.

    LET”S GO O’S!!!!!!!!

  7. Ron Cogar Says:

    Nes why don’t you keep having vigils every opening day eve at the Brooks Statue , it works!

  8. Dave Says:

    Who remembers that time Glenn said “Go F*** yourself Adam Jones” and (edited by WNST)?

  9. Bud Becker Says:

    Dear Nestor:
    It remonds me of the 1970’s when I was promoting national act concerts and Sly and The Family Stone were one of the biggest acts in the country. However Sly was unreliable and his sold-out concerts often turned ugly with audiences waiting 2 – 3 hours for Sly to finally get there and perform. Finally he got “straight” but by then the audience had enough! The big line with concert promoters was “SLY IS ON TIME AND THE AUDIENCE IS LATE!”

  10. eric Says:

    I couldn’t have written it better. Where are all the media types/fans who ripped WNST for years for saying winning alone won’t bring fans back? I went Wed for the first time since 2005. I’ve probably watched 90% of the games during these 14 years of misery but going to the park just is not a fun time anymore. Charging the same price for beer as the Ravens even though you have 73 more home games? Game day surcharges,parking prices, its just not worth it. But the guy above hit it on the head: selling 10 k season tickets is killing this season. No bandwagon fan wakes up and says “Hey let’s buy tickets for that Mon night game a month from now” They buy seats for a weekend game. The only people out there on Mon-Thu are the season ticket holders. Hopefully a season of winning bumps that to 15 K in 2013.

  11. Dan Says:

    Don’t get upset Adam , this is it. 16,000 fans have their own team in Wash. 16,000 are home or at a Bar watching on HD TV ( in great numbers I might add) , which leaves 16,000 , about 2 mil a year at the ballyard. That’s twice as many as the great teams of the past ’69-’70 -’71 would draw . And 2 million fans a season is not to shabby . Dont believe all that bull about Angelos or prices , or game day premium , or losing . It’s just the reality of Balt. baseball. We are not New York , Boston, Chicago , or Philly . We is Baltimore . A football town.

  12. NC Orioles Fan Says:

    An open comment for Adam Jones:

    Hey Adam, if you like to donate some of your millions of dollars for me to drive 7 hours to an Orioles game, weekend accommodations at the Hilton, pay nearly 3.80 @ 15 gallons for gas (pennies for you, I know!) and then return me home, I will be more than happy to attend more games. But you know I’m just a blue-collar worker who barely clears $1,000 every two weeks after taxes.

    When you get to the divisional playoffs and World Series more than Earl Weaver did, you can then run your mouth off. When we fans hire you to be our PR agent, then you can run your mouth about us not filling your owner’s seats. Otherwise, SHUT-UP AND PLAY BALL.

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