As purple Festivus season is upon us, alas the real Grinch continues to be Peter G. Angelos

December 24, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

on his first day in office when he said he was going to live and make a home in Baltimore. I’ll wonder out loud right now how many hours Showalter has spent in Baltimore since the leaves changed? And Showalter hasn’t made an iota of difference in recruiting key free agents as his “Confederate” money spends the same as that of Syd Thrift.

Every year my loved ones ask me: “What do you want for Christmas?” And, being the guy who is impossible to buy for, this year I’m asking for the one gift that only one man in the city controls and that’s for a better baseball team. There’s not one thing in my life that wouldn’t be better than if the Orioles somehow were “magicly” resuscitated like the Chicago Blackhawks were this year. It’s been so long and it is such a far-fetched possibility that no one in the city really believes it’ll ever improve as long as Angelos is in the charge.

Trust me, on karma alone, these creeps don’t really deserve to even stand on a podium with a World Series trophy given their lack of accountability to answer even the simplest questions from doubters and “real” journalists during these 14 years of insolence and dictatorship, lacking a shred of integrity or shame for what’s happened to the great city of Baltimore on summer nights.

This will be the fifth consecutive year that my press pass will be unjustly “terminated” and I’ve been forbidden from doing my job as a professional and the fifth consecutive year that none of my colleagues in the local media has even mentioned how un-American and out of whack MLB and the state of local journalism could possibly be that a person who had a press pass for 21 years could “magicly” disappear from access to asking even the simplest questions. And all of this after the Orioles locker room was recently at the epicenter of illicit steroid drug trafficking by more than half the players in the sport? And while the crowds in the city have deteriorated while the team has been awful on the field for an amazing 13 consecutive years? And this is while they enjoy the fruits of a publicly financed facility and an anti-trust agreement that is so laughable at this point that the politicians in Washington, D.C. should hang their heads in shame.

This week I’ve been reading the book, “Good To Great,” upon the recommendation of all of my NFL coach friends and it continues to talk about the commitment it takes to grow.

It’s sad but after 13 consecutive years of awfulness, the Orioles don’t even have a commitment to “good” let alone great.

It’s not like anything has truly improved – not at the gate, not in the community and not in the standings. Not in their professionalism or accountability or dignity in the treatment of the community.

If success and failure are a measurement by any calculation Peter Angelos and his henchmen who run the Orioles have been a bunch of miserable, cowardly losers